Attic Radiant Barrier Paint

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Radiant barrier ceramic paint coating reflects heat provides a thermal barrier that reduces attic temperatures. Lo mit radiant barrier coating lo mit is a specially formulated low emissivity coating that closely mimics the optical and thermal properties of aluminum foil.

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Radiant barrier paint until now the only types of radiant barriers available were foil film metalized plastic film and metalized chips.

Attic radiant barrier paint. These so called radiant barrier spray products are merely paint solutions with added metallic flakes designed to reflect heat and are not true radiant barriers per the. Attic radiant heat barrier paint for energy conservation and heat light reflection. The term radiant barrier is supposed to describe products that reflect over 90 of radiant energy and these paint products simply cannot do that.

Lower attic temperatures mean less wear and tear on your cooling system and increased comfort for you. These types of barriers are installed by attaching to the underside of the roof with staples or sprinkled about on top of the fiberglass insulation on the attic floor. With the rise in popularity of radiant barrier insulation there has been an influx of products marketed under the term radiant barrier paint that are designed to be sprayed on the underside of the roof decking in the attic.

Lo mit is a silver colored non thickness dependent low emissivity radiant barrier paint interior radiation control coating system. It s misleading and simply not truthful. The term radiant barrier has been misconstrued by the people who install the paint and it s essentially like trying to call a hamburger a prime steak.

It can be used in almost any application where light and or heat reflectivity is required. Lo mit attic heat barrier is a coating specially formulated to reduce summer radiant heat gain from the roof into the attic. Hy tech ceramics and aluminum pigment provide a barrier to radiant heat reducing attic temperatures.

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