Best Way To Clean Skirting Boards Before Painting

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Suitable Paint bush Youll need a paintbrush to paint with of course its worth buying a decent brush nice and soft and no bigger than 2 inches. You will need to prepare the surface before painting your skirting board.

Painting Skirting Boards And Preparing For Decoration Skirting Boards Skirting Board Paint Skirting

Once completely dry paint one coat of undercoat.

Best way to clean skirting boards before painting. A small thin dry paintbrush can get rid of dust in any intricate spots as well as the top of the skirting boards. How to paint skirting boards without getting paint on the walls You have two options here. Painting the skirting board Before you start painting lay some paper or sheets on the floor to protect against spills.

If your skirting boards havent been painted before use a small brush to gently brush 1-2 coats of a knotting solution over any knots dark spots in the wood. Rinse them off with clean water. You could also use your vacuum tools to suck up the dust instead.

Be sure to use the soft brush attachment to avoid scratching the paintwork rather than the harder crevice tool. If your boards are chipped or dirty give them a good clean with a solution of mild soap and water washing-up liquid or sugar soap works perfectly. This option is not the simplest but its the most effective and will make sure that no unwanted paint spills on your carpet.

You can get a great finish and shine on your boards with a little scrub. This revolutionary product dispenses with the tedious effort required previous to its invention and enables the operation to be carried out in a fraction of the time. Simply add a few capfuls of white vinegar to warm water mix it thoroughly then use a cloth or sponge to polish your skirting boards.

It gets deep into any folds or groves to ensure your skirting boards are entirely dust-free. Sugar Soap and cloth You will need to clean down the skirting before you start painting and sugar soap is probable the most cost effective product out there for this job. Sanding the skirting board Clean up and mask off You are almost ready to go.

A similar process applies to all trim and the first thing you need to do is brush down the surface then fill in any cracks or nail holes with Polycell. Scrub them gently with your chosen cleaning product following the directions and safety guidelines on the label. First clean your skirting boards with sugar soap and a cloth to remove any residue dirt and grease.

The experts say Its always best to use a mixture of wet and dry methods to completely clean your skirting boards. Step 2 Then using sandpaper lightly sand your skirting board this will remove any previous paint and uneven textures from the surface. Next up protect your wall by masking it off with tape and dip your brush into your skirting board paint.

Its important to ensure you ring out the cloth before using it on your skirting boards so it is damp not wet. A vacuum is the most effective way to capture all of the dust that you create when sanding. Safe handy aerosol is the best way to remove paint quickly and efficiently.

The best option is to pull up the carpet around the skirting boards before you start to paint. You will need to clean this up before you can paint. Clean off the excess with a damp cloth wait for it to dry and lightly sand it back.

Painting skirting boards when you have carpet down can be tricky. The best way to clean skirting boards if you cant bend down is to use a soft long-handled brush an extendable feather duster or an eMop to sweep away any dust. Painters can say goodbye to those unsafe and laborious options of removing paint that scarred their memories.

Allow to dry before moving on to the next step. Cleaning skirting boards is a little less labour and product-intensive all youll need is your duster a cleaning product such as Cif Cream and some clean water to rinse with. Now that youve gone ahead and sanded your skirting boards chances are your place will be a tad dusty.

The best way to protect the carpet is to pull it up and away from the skirting boards before painting. While theyll look spotlessly clean you may notice a lingering vinegar smell which might not be ideal unless youre able to effectively air your home afterwards. Before you start painting remove any dust from the timber and around the flooring as this will show through in the final finish if it ends up mixed in with the paint.

Tape up your edges. Clean the skirting to remove any remaining fine dust or grease using a Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes. The first is to mask the wall using good quality painters tape masking tape will do the job but painters tape is better or use a tool called a paint shield.

Painting skirting boards can be tricky when you have carpets. 7 Treat any exposed wood with a knotting solution. The trick is to mask up the carpet so that you do not get any paint on the carpets.

How to clean skirting boards. A bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth is definitely the most traditional way to clean your skirting boards say the Skirting4U pros. Work with the grain and apply thinly.

Pay special attention to the tiny space between the skirting board and the floor. Applying masking tape around the edge of the floor will help you to create clean lines with a professional finish.

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