Can You Use Fence Paint On Decking

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Astramax Mar 4 2019 3 You must log in. By definition deck paint is a special hard-surface paint that is resistant to abrasive wear meaning it is ideal for surfaces such as deck and porch floors that experience weathering and heavy traffic.

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932019 Hi guys just wonderng if someone could help me.

Can you use fence paint on decking. 472015 Adam Guilford deck service manager at Decktec Outdoor Design in Golden Colorado suggests using only stain on deck floors but paint can be used on vertical surfaces such as deck posts or fences. Splitting water penetration. Deck paint can hide the grain and texture of a wood deck or highlight the decks natural features.

Answered 18th May 2017. Ad Search Fence And Decking. 11282020 Selecting fence paint to work for your deck ensures that the paint ends up having a short life.

Choosing to paint your deck with fence paint ensures that the paint will have a short life and all but guarantees youll track the paint into your house. Give your chosen deck paint oil or stain a really good stir before applying to make sure you get a consistent colour. Paint fence decking stain disadvantages.

Ad Get Fence And Decking Paint. Yes paint can look great on a decking surface provided that you choose the product thats right for you. It isnt a good idea because new carpets that have to be laid down as a result of a bad paint job end up being much more expensive than deck paint.

Treating your decking with a paint sprayer. Fence paint is designed to be used on wood surfaces without foot traffic. Ad Get Fence And Decking Paint.

2172009 decking is pretreated with preservatives you can use a decking paint try and remove all the previous coats probably a jpressure washer would be your best bet 27 April 2008 at 806PM babyangel10 Forumite. 7252012 It sounds like decking oil and decking preservative is something to soak into the wood and protect it from the elements. Ad Search Fence And Decking.

Stained fences last much longer then painted fences also. Do not use fence paint on decking. Reduce the risk or warping.

This fencing is called board on board. The material of your boards is very important too. Decks over 15 years old that have cracking and obvious age only look marginally better.

I dont know if there is a different name for the product in England but you need a water repellent. 10112018 no do not use fence paint on decking. Do not use any form of fence paint or stain on your decking.

You should always use a product that has been certified for use with decking. I know how they look when they age and would like to do something paint or stain the the fence facing the street. I use a product made my Olympic that I put into a pump sprayer.

New carpets end up being a lot more expensive than deck paint. Horizontal surfaces such as the deck floor experience more foot traffic and therefore require more maintenance and painting can be more costly. While softwood and hardwood surfaces are usually easy to cover other materials might not be so easy.

Deck and Fence wood preservatives and toners cannot be applied over anything darker or opaquer than what is currently present. Stain fade over time but theres no prep work needed just appy new stain over the old. I ask this because i have been looking at decking paint and it is about twice as expensive for a tub than ordinary fence paint which is also twice the size.

Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now. It will not be as hard wearingdurable as a decking oil. Decking oil will protect against drying.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. Sprayers are prone to overspray so protect any nearby surfaces by covering with dust sheets. Can ordinary fence paint be used to paint wooden decking in the garden.

Boards need to be done from one end to the other. Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now. If not applied properly it will certainly leave lap marks.

342019 You may have an adhesion problem with the fence paint applying it over what has been used to treat the decking in the past. Swelling to your decking. The photo shows the back of the fence.

I realize this is a decking forum but I dont know where to look for advice on a wood fence. I was thinking a grey stain or paint. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

Paint peals in a few years then you have to scrape and re-paint. On the tin will specifically say fence paint not for use on decking. Hence the use of fence paint for the decks should be avoided.

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