Christmas Petpet Paint Brush

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Clay petpet paint brush 19 500 np. Christmas petpet paint brush 21 800 np.

The Best Thing About Spring Colors We Have A Variety Of Colors We Can Paint Your Pets Nails For Every Occasion Just Ask Your Paint Your Pet Pet Safe Groomer

Christmas petpet paint brush.

Christmas petpet paint brush. You can be awarded these brushes through random events and occasionally from the alien vending machine when it runs out of food. Take this magical paint brush to the petpet puddle and something special may happen to your petpet. Not in special.

Checkered petpet paint brush 42 600 np. Disco petpet paint brush 380 000 np. This is kind of surprising because i think the christmas painted petpets are the.

Darigan petpet paint brush 780 000 np. In either selected in all selected. The christmas one is currently around 7 000 np on the shop wizard.

Custard petpet paint brush 34 000 np. The snow petpet paint brush only averages about 4 000 neopoints because it was an advent calendar gift this past december. Show petpet by colour.

Blue petpet paint brush 575 000 np. Christmas petpet paint brush r101 special take this magical paint brush to the petpet puddle and something special may happen to your petpet. Christmas petpet paint brush 21 800 np.

I got a christmas petpet paintbrush and i checked to see if i could get my neopets pet carmariller painted with the brush and it said it could so i went to the petpet puddle but it isnt letting me. December 12 2001. Colours not included here such as jelly and sponge can only be obtained via the secret laboratory ray.

Select black blue brown checkered christmas clay cloud custard darigan desert disco dung elderly electric eventide faerie fire ghost glow green grey halloween invisible island magma maractite maraquan mutant orange pink pirate plushie purple rainbow red robot royal sketch snow spotted spring starry stealthy tyrannian. Cloud paint brush 124 000 np. Cloud petpet paint brush 155 000 np.

Clay petpet paint brush 25 000 np. Camouflage paint brush 300 000 np. Brown petpet paint brush 80 000 np.

Christmas paint brush 49 000 np. Candy paint brush 3 600 000 np. 21 800 np 6 200 np on october 11 2020 by item db crew.

Checkered petpet paint brush 53 000 np. More search options. Restock info active release date.

Does my neopet have to be painted with a christmas paintbrush for my petpet to be painted. Click on the images to see all the pets which can be painted that colour. The cheapest petpet paint brushes are snow christmas yellow and purple.

Here s a list of all the neopets paintbrushes and their names. Christmas petpet paint brush 14 000 np. R101 special release date.

Checkered paint brush 63 500 np. To paint your petpet you will need a special petpet paint brush see this page of the jellyneo item database for a full listing of available colours. December 12 2001 tags.

Cloud petpet paint brush 160 000. Price history tp trading post history. Brown petpet paint brush 75 000 np.

Although its letting my other neopets lame petpets get painted with it.

Finally Symol Day Is On My Birthday So Of Course I Have Been Trying For This Avatar Hourly Between This And My First Petpet Paint Brush Pull From The Vending Machine Today S

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