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Consider your bottom paint options. Well almost a year has passed since we slipped the boat and slapped on a coat of copper antifouling.

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And now the paint is getting expensive very expensive.

Copper coat bottom paint. A gallon of premium quality copper bottom paint can cost 300 or more and even most multi season paints are only as effective as application locale and boat usage permit. Coppercoat commercial gives large vessel and plant operators huge time and cost savings for all of their equipment subjected to the harshest environments. Coppercoat is possibly the most powerful and long lasting anti fouling available today.

After a year of having coppercoat antifoul applied we had major problems. 10 new cruising sailboats under 35 feet. The ck426 is sold in quarts and gallons so if you need 5 kits of coppercoat you will need 1 gallon and 1 quart of ck426 barrier coat.

Multiplied by millions of boats in the ocean and that is an ecological disaster with all the toxic stuff and heavy metals yes copper is a heavy metal but it should last 5 10 times that of a ablative and. So it s time we let you know how things are doing down there under the water. The thing i like most about copper coat is that it is non ablative.

An iceland sailing adventure. Pick the right antifoulding for where and how you sail your boat. With up to 30 years protection there is a reduced need for regular cleaning and equipment remaining in service longer transforming the global commercial antifoul industry.

Before we built mollymawk we used to own a grp yacht and a year or so before we sold her she was painted with copperbot the original copper impregnated epoxy antifouling. Ablative paints erode over time so they are known as self polishing soft or eroding paint. Carry on reading about our coppercoat antifoul problems.

New charter vacation routines. Buying a charter sailboat. There are plenty of state and local regulations restricting the use of copper bottom paints.

Coppercoat is approved for use in california. Our hull was riddled with barnacles and we had to pay a diver to clean our bottom every couple of months. Developed in the 1980 s and available to the public since 1991 coppercoat is successfully protecting tens of thousands of boats the world over saving their owners the time and expense of annual re antifouling.

When we complained to the boatyard that did the job they said it was it wasn t their fault it was a bad product. Nowadays these biocides are usually derived from copper or cuprous oxide and they re found in approximately 95 of bottom paints. Cleaning my own bottom that sounds weird i am appauled at the massive clouds of paint that slough off from simple wiping.

Water flow will wear the paint away over time. There are two main types of bottom paints ablative and hard bottom. Coppercoat is an antifoul paint that is.

If you would like to use the coppercoat usa ck426 barrier coating as part of your coppercoat application you will need one quart of ck426 for each kit of coppercoat.

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