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7252019 Remove old paint off hardwood floors using paint thinner The use of thinner should be the last resort in removing paint from the stained wood floor.

Get old paint off wood floor. Color Trends Painting suggests you mix warm water with a mild soap and begin scrubbing off the paint with a dampened rag. Allow the olive oil to permeate the stain for at least 5 minutes. Continue sliding the knife between the paint and the floor until you lift the spatter free.

Take care with metal scrapers when stripping wood so as to avoid scratching or gouging the wood when removing the paint or varnish. Then use a plastic putty knife to scrape the paint stain from the surface. 1262018 Dab either on the paint with a cotton swab and scrape the paint off with a plastic putty knife when it softens.

Use a dull butter knife or credit card to gently scrape dried paint off of your wood floor. If neither softens the paint the only alternative is. Take great care as the thinner can easily remove the finish.

Once the paint has softened scrape it off with a plastic or metal scraper. Ensure proper ventilation in the room youll be working inside. Apply a small amount of olive oil to any overspray on your wood floors.

Push gently on the knife sliding it along the floor and wedging the paint up. How to get paint off wood floors remove paint from hardwood floors how to paint old kitchen cabinets how. 8192019 How to Remove Water-Based Paint from Wood Floors with Soap and Water For dried water-based paint start with good old soap and water.

3132018 If however you dont plan on repainting the object but prefer instead to show off the wood grain underneath or stain it at most then youre going to have to remove every last drop of old paint. Slide the edge of a utility knife blade beneath the edge of small paint splatters parallel to the wood floor surface. The paint should loosen allowing you to wipe it away with a dry rag.

Before cleaning paint off of hardwood floors its important to determine what type of paint it is and whether or not the paint is still wet. Step 4 Apply a small dab of denatured alcohol which can be bought at most building supply stores on a rag. Utilize a plastic scrapper to get off as much paint as you can off the floor.

Create a cleaning solution by mixing up a small amount of lemon juice with about three times as much rubbing alcohol. You can use steel wool to get rid of stubborn areas of paint or varnish and old toothbrushes and wire brushes are also useful. Ad Search Paint Get.

To get paint off your hardwood floor without sanding follow the steps below. This method has the least risk of damage to the floor finish. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

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