Gundam Hand Painting Tutorial

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At first you re going to notice very little coverage. Some people will want to opt for cheaper and safer methods like hand painting with acrylics.

Hg 1 144 Scale Model Kit Full Hand Paint Gunpla By Izumeru Izumeru Plamodelkit Scale Model Kits Model Kit Scale Models

In this video we look at how to hand paint isopropyl alcohol based paint on a pre primed surface for model kits.

Gundam hand painting tutorial. After i plan to clean up the white trim with some zippo lighter fluid. Once all is done go over with either ts 79 or ts 80. In this my first proper tutorial i cover the first steps in getting a better finish to your kits removing nub marks left over from the runner then preparing.

This tutorial piqued my interest quite a bit as hand painting is basically my last resort more of nope when it comes to painting my gunpla. After building your first few gundam kits there will come a time when you may feel the need to step up your game. One of the things that you can do to improve your gunpla kit is painting.

I generally start with 3 5 paint and 2 5 thinner and adjust by adding more of either depending on how things look. Brush on a layer at a time making sure not to apply too much paint you don t want it to run and bead up the end of your piece. Tamiya acrylic gunze sang.

Should pick up information on this and hopefully will change my opinion in the technique altogether. The paint is thinned with tap water on a wet palette. I ve hand painted the pieces acrylic white and plan to go over it with tamiya ts 79 and then hand paint over that with tamiya enamel black.

You can use spray cans and airbrush kits but they are expensive and might we add dangerous to use indoors. I m working on a reverse wash for kshatriya s sleeves. Một đoạn video n.

Oh and one more thing do you use from japan to get your exclusive stuff and if so how s their service. A short video of hand painting on a test spoon using a square brush and acrylic paint.

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