How Do You Find Out If A Painting Is Valuable

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Find out How to Care for Your Collections. To learn about the history of a particular artwork go to Exhibition Guides and Provenance.

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For example you can find Thomas Gainsboroughs The Blue Boy with the terms painting kid and blue.

How do you find out if a painting is valuable. 7212017 Take it out of the frame if it is framed but use care. Look for any rips or signs of in-painting or over-cleaning. Still wondering How much is my painting worth The most logical step is to contact a professional art appraiser.

Often an ideal situation is when an artwork has never been touched up even though it might need cleaning badly. See the search example to the right. You will get information regarding the number of prints and their value if the artist is well-known and the work is documented.

And what a similar work sold for previously. How to find this value. Look also for any pencil or other marks or any identifying papers that may be attached to the back of the painting such as a gallery stamp or an exhibition receipt.

Labels that give a museum name such as Museum of Modern Art NY Tate Gallery or Musee du Louvre are a good indication that your picture is a print and is likely to be a low-value item. Have the colors faded or is there water damage. See a mark or signature you cannot identify.

Another option is to list your painting through an online pawn shop. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. 3282020 Thomas Kinkade was a very successful American artist and the value of his paintings is mainly dependent upon four factors whether its a Kinkade original or reproductionprint its quality its edition size and its availability.

Just enter the name of the artist click Search and value your artwork. Ad Search Find Painting. Are all facts which when documented can help determine the value of an artwork.

How Much Is Your Object Worth. 9242014 The easiest way to find out more about your artwork is from the details in the label at the back. Ad Search Find Painting.

He or she will be able to give you a ballpark estimate on your paintings value. If you dont know the name of a painting search for it using descriptors. You could check the artists book.

Dimensions date title medium the materials its made of historical provenance chain of ownership etc. The condition of your artwork will make a significant difference to its value. A paintings condition directly affects the value and the better the condition the higher the value.

If all else fails try Encyclopedias and Surveys. Check out Signatures Monograms and Markings. 1262018 If the painting shows up in your search results you may have found a valuable item.

Has the work been relined. 712007 To answer your question directly if a work is signed by the artist it is certainly more valuable than if it werent. Check all unpainted areas of the canvas or painted material for a name signature or writing of any kind.

If the name of the artist and the title is available to you research online and find out more about the artwork. 4122017 Even if you created a painting yourself and would like to know the value you can learn how to inspect a painting and who to contact to identify if a painting is worth money. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

Want to Research Prints or Find Posters. 9212010 If you have a print of a well-known painting you should quickly find it online and this will confirm that you have a reproduction rather than an original. Any numbered edition has a distinctive value based upon this.

Check the painting for scratches cracks and discoloring.

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