How To Make Glitter Resin For Painting

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To adhere the glitter down on the top I mixed up some of the glitter into the Mod Podge on a paper plate. 1252020 Using the Mod Podge method paint a layer of Mod Podge on your entire tumbler.

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2162020 This will fill in the cracks and help chunk glitter lay flat.

How to make glitter resin for painting. Arrange your flower before pouring the resin on top. Catch part 1 my painting tutorial here. Apply two coats of white craft paint and let it completely dry before going to the next step.

With this method you only fill your mold a quarter to halfway full upon your first pour. Step 5 Apply glitter. This teal glitter paint combines sparkle and shine with light-refracting iridescent color.

I taped the edges of the table to avoid any spillage of glitter over the sides more on that later. Misc glitter resin unique. Liberally sprinkle glitter on the entire cup until completely coated.

Grab a piece of parchment paper and wrap it around your tumbler. Because the glitter is bound in the medium which then binds to the rock and is then also sealed the glitter is unlikely to come off the rock. How to make a glitter resin pensLearn how to make glitter pens using a silicone mold_____Links to resources mentioned in the videoSilicone Pen Moldsh.

Give projects the magic of true holographic shine with Dazzling Teal Holographic Illusions DecoArt Acrylic Paint. So if that appeals to you keep reading. Add in whatever colorants.

Then you can apply decals at this stage these came from Dollar Tree. So this project and video have absolutely NO pouring. 1172020 Much like building a sandwich this method involves layering semi-set resin with glitter in 4-6 hour intervals.

Use it for those items that need a touch of whimsy in. The thicker ones also need a touch of water adding too. Im feeling in the mood for something different and thought some of you might like a change too.

2252020 First cut your tissue paper up into small pieces and glue onto your Dollar Tree Water Bottle Tumbler. Apply vinyl decal or more glitter. Step 4 Mix and add epoxy resin.

Although it does have shimmery metallic paints lots of glitter and resin. Adding glitter to resin during the mixing of the resin will integrate glitter throughout that pour. Today Im sealing my art with epoxy resin to get a clear gallery-worthy finish that protects.

Once you have a perfect position you can tack it down with a tiny bit of hot glue to keep the arrangement in. To do this you will mix the resin with the hardener add colorant or leave it clear and mix it well. This will flatten any sharper edges and get the glitter to lay flat.

9 to 12 hours later mix up another batch of resin to fully fill the mold. Place a piece of parchment or plain paper down on your surface. 7232017 About 1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint but it does vary slightly depending on how thick the paint is to start with.

Before stirring again I quickly dumped the contents of my glitter bottle into the resin then stirred. 12202017 Easy Glitter and Resin Art Without Pouring. 10182020 Why make a DIY glitter tumbler.

How to make a glitter tumbler with epoxy. I liberally brushed the glitterdecoupage mixture onto the tabletop and then sprinkled more glitter over the entire surface of the glue. With the paper covered around the cup gently press down.

Then apply more glue I like to use Elmers all over your tumbler water bottle and sprinkle glitter all over the surface. 3302018 This post is part of a 3-part series for creating sealing and framing custom artwork. If you missed part 1 where I showed you how to create easy.

3142020 Once tacky carefully place an initial layer of glitter sequins etc wherever youd like. Step 7 Apply the final coat of epoxy. For example glitter paint or glitter Mod Podge sparkle decoupage medium.

6262018 The very best way to add glitter to a painted rock is with a method where the glitter is in a paint or finishing medium. Back at this DIY thing today with part 2 of my starry night mountain painting. 812014 To begin you mix equal parts of resin and hardener stirring vigorously and constantly for four minutes.

Step 6 Optional. Wait until the resin gels and then return to the mold and add glitter to the semi-set resin. Glitter youd like into the resin then fill your molds to the top without overflowing it.

Let it sit for an additional 9 to 12 hours. Then you transfer the mixture to a clean container and stir again for 4 minutes. Step 3 Prepare your turner.

Mod Podge dries clear. Step 1 Tape off the top and bottom optional Step 2 Spray paint your tumbler.

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