How To Mix Car Paint For Spray Gun

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Pour a small amount of the thinned paint into the spray gun. Place the paint in a clean plastic container.

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Practice by using your spray gun on a board or sheet before you spray paint your car.

How to mix car paint for spray gun. This will help you get accustomed to the sprayer and help to stabilize your hand. This will ensure all of the paint is thinned evenly and in the same fashion. Leah demonstrates how to set up and use an HVLP gravity-fed pneumatic paint gun step-by-step for beginners.

Some choose to use a drill attachment to mix but this isnt always necessary. Set aside the appropriate amount of paint you will need for your project. Take a measuring cup and pour into it some paint and make sure that the cup is clean.

352021 Put some of the mixed paint into your sprayer and spray some of the paint onto your test board. However if you encounter difficulties spraying the paint then you need to add thinner to your paint. If the paint comes out and creates splotches or an uneven coverage then you need to thin it a little more.

Always mix for at least 5 minutes. Stand the paint measuring stick against the inside wall so it rests in a vertical position. Thus you need to pour the mixed paint through a paint strainer first to catch all clumps and impurities that can block the nozzle of the gun.

This video teaches you how to attach your air r. If the paint runs when it is sprayed onto the board then it is too thin. Place the paint mixing pot on a flat even surface.

Aintain a 6-inch gap between the board and spray gun. It is best to set aside all of the paint you will need in the project all at once. The reducer thins the paint enough so that it can be sprayed through a spray gun and adhere better to the car surface.

Divide your paint and start to mix Once you know your initial viscosity you can separate out a small amount of usually 500ml of paint into your container starting to add water and mixing. Spray the paint onto one of the boards to check for consistency and ease. 1272012 Use the mixing pail to pour in the required amount of paint and reducer or primer and activator.

Strain the mixed paint Since spray guns can easily get clogged it is one rule to strain the paint before allowing it to run through the system. Mix your primer and thinner together as directed on the paint can. You want the flow of paint to come out evenly.

Mix this solution well and strain it before you pour it. Take your reducer and take the same amount with the paint then put it into the same cup. All those controls can be confusing.

If the paint is easily sprayed and gets you a smooth finish then you can start the project. Step 1 Place the measuring cup on a flat surface. Step 2 Stir the automotive paint thoroughly with a disposable stirring stick before mixing begins.

Add the desired amount of automotive paint to the measuring cup. Take your metal paint and use a clean version of it to mix reducer and paint you have. In this video I will show you what the three basic controls are in order to optimize the settings on any paint gun.

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