How To Paint A Frankenstrat Guitar

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I want to protect the paint job but still want it to look rough and not have a shine. Make sure you cover up any areas where electronics would have been on the guitar so you protect the earthingshielding paint.

My Van Halen Frankenstein Guitar Redone Eddie Van Halen Van Halen Cool Guitar

To remove the gloss paint and make sure all surfaces were suitable for a new coat of black paint.

How to paint a frankenstrat guitar. Let the paint dry and put light coats on. Applying First Color Coat-Step 6. First the guitar will be dismantled and cleaned.

After a few days remove the tape and admire. And in this tutorial he shows us how to use spray paint. Let the guitar dry off for a few minutes and ADD SOME PAINT MAN.

Spray a light even coat of paint onto the guitar. If at any point the paint starts coming up reach for your razor and score it again. When spraying each row start your spray off the edge of the guitar and move your arm and inherently the spray onto the body of the guitar.

Shot it full of black paintprimer first – if youre spraying on raw wood primer is probably necessary. 1292020 Paint coverall sheets to protect and catch any spray paint. WetDry Sandpaper 3-4 sheets each of 220- 320- 400- 600- and 1200- or 1500-grit 4.

When you spray the first coat start with a horizontal spray from left to right right to left in a snake pattern down the guitar body. Krylon Spray Paint Glossy White Glossy Red Glossy Black and Crystal Clear Gloss 3. I have read on the Internet that you paint it b.

So score the edge of the tape ensuring the paint is not attached to the tape and pull up the tape lightly and slowly. Once the painting is finished allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before moving on to the next step. It is essential that there is no dirt residue for the paint.

Primer Base Coat-Step 5. I used muriatic acid which is nasty stuff. On some videos I have heard that you paint the frankenstrat white then red then add the black stripes.

10282019 Step 3 After taping the guitar up on top of the black coat it is time to spray it white. As well as being a virtuoso of the electric guitar our follower Josro Nemattollanhi wanted to make his own version. Its not that hard and doesnt take much time.

During the process of staining and sealing I got to work aging some of the metal parts. Next Ill do the relicing which will be substantial and then put a couple coats of clear on and then sand AGAIN with steelwool. 1-2 sheets each of coarse medium and fine sandpaper.

This process will be exactly the same as the process for applying the primer coat. Repeat this process several times until the guitar is completely covered. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for fair use.

For purposes such as criticism comment news reporting. 3162012 And heres the list. This is how Eddie Van Halen played his guitar in the 70s until too many people began copying him and he chose to retape it and do the red coat.

8172020 After the stain I applied a couple coats of lacquer sanding sealer which helps the top coats adhere to the body. Start off the guitar and start your spray. These are the steps that Josro followed to achieve such a magnificent result.

Filling Holes and Dings-Step 4. Move the spray in an even motion towards the other edge of the guitar and continue off the edge to ensure you dont buildup a spot. The Fender Stratocaster guitar is the most copied in the world and it inspired Eddie Van Halen to assemble his mythical Frankenstrat guitar.

If youre happy with what you have then fine but if not then do something about it. Give it about 5 coats of white to ensure a good coverage. Below is the body ready for its black coat.

1- Prepare the guitar before painting it. A coat hangar for hanging the guitar when spraying. If the paint does come up beyond repair give it another coat of white.

Stripping the Paint-Step 3. 792016 Sanded down the body to rough up the paint and add some wear this helps the paint to stick and takes out some of the scratches and dents if youre working on an older body. How to do a frankenstrat paint job with spray cans part 1 – YouTube.

I did 4 coats of red pulled the tape off and then sanded the paint with steel wool to take the edges off. Allow the paint to become tacky before you spray the guitar again. How to paint a Frankenstrat guitar with spray paint.

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