How To Paint A Goalie Helmet

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How To Paint A Goalie Helmet. Painted helmets can be repainted, and stickers can be changed; Finish your helmet with a clear coat, like rustoleum clear lacquer.

Goalie Mask Painting Ideas Inspiration Goalie Coaches Goalie Mask Goalie Mask Painting
Goalie Mask Painting Ideas Inspiration Goalie Coaches Goalie Mask Goalie Mask Painting from

Grangroth graphics is a goalie mask painter located in delano, minnesota. One of the more artistic things you can do in sports is to paint a goalie helmet. Any solvent based liquid can attack any type of paint if sprayed on too thick.

Their list of clients includes goaltenders at nearly every level of junior hockey, as well as division 1 and pro (ahl/nhl) masks.

Get your goalie mask customized today with your own unique design that is all your own. I have done a new video with better techniques and it is 100% wrap no paint ! Engraving, on the other hand, is permanent.

The team at goalie coaches decided to put together a giant list of some of our favorite goalie mask paint jobs this year.

If you’re reading this page and there’s nothing saying the contest has closed. If you plan on painting stripes, use the masking tape to tape lines onto the shell that you will paint over. It's perfectly possible and safe to paint your mask;

Beside above, how do you paint a hockey helmet?

Check your league rulebook or regulations to make sure you. This website is dedicated exclusively to custom *hand painted* and airbrushed goalie mask / helmet art! Maybe try a black permanent marker no the ear loops.

For starters, we’re going to go over what you’ll need for both steps and then get into the “how to” details.

Goalie mask design has always been a passion of mine over the years ever since high school. Rub your hand over the shell to detect any burrs from scratches or nicks. Sand them down until smooth, then spray the outer shell surface with clear coat to fill in the scratches or nicks.

There are two (probably a lot more, actually) ways to paint your goalie mask.

You can remove them fairly easy. There is a lot more involved with the process than just putting colour on the canvass. Still no padding, and held on with a bungee cord that attached on each side to keep it closed (see small clips on sides of mask).

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