How To Paint A High Ceiling Stairwell

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1 Lean a ladder against the lower wall put boards connecting it with an upper stair and put a ladder on top of that. 1062017 The key is the length of the Paint Stick EZ-Twist.

Extension Ladder Set Up To Paint A High Stairwell Ceiling Wallpaper Stairs High Ceiling Decorating Kids Rooms Boys

PrimePaint the Walls.

How to paint a high ceiling stairwell. Extend the pole and start at the farthest corner brushing the paint on as far as it will go. Its badder and getting it done. 632019 Hey Home Menders.

1162019 Simply use the filler tube to draw paint directly from the can. Choose a Ladder or Scaffold. Dust the walls and corners.

Youve got to check this outThe new and improved Ladder Aide pro. Its a good idea to thoroughly dust the ceiling and walls of the stairwell prior to painting so cobwebs dont gum up your paintbrush or roller. The whole process was so fast and easy.

2 Use a baker scaffold. All Interior and Exterior Surfaces – How To Reach High Ceiling Over Stairs – How can I get close enough to the top edge of the ceiling over my stairs so that I can paint. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

A Staircase scaffolding allows you or anyone else to access the ceiling and wall. 9232020 The most common place to find these high ceilings is in stairwells. A paintbrush securely tied to an extension pole is used to paint the join between wall and.

Then put a ladder on the baker scaffold. Ad Get Paint High Ceiling. Before you begin painting take a paint stick and gently scrape it over the pad.

1032020 Gently dunk just the bristles in the paint can. Get Instant Quality Info. Put a cloth on your extension pole and go over the walls and corners to get rid of the dust and cobwebs.

Ad Search Paint High. When the brush runs dry compress the pole to pull it in and load more paint. Prep your project space by protecting the floor and any furniture in the room from spills or splatters.

Painting with Extension Poles Extension poles play a major part in the safe painting of a stairwell. I was surprised by how much paint I needed to apply to the pain in order to get good coverage so you may be surprised too. How to Paint High Walls and Ceilings.

5 10 minutes. Wrap a few more turns of tape a couple inches farther down the brush handle to hold it to the pole in two places. So as soon as you fill it with paint start rolling as high up on the wall as you can reach.

Start your project by deciding on your method of reaching the high surfaces. No matter how clean you keep your house your tall walls are going to have some dust and spider webs. -Practice a few times first to get a feel for the amount of pressure to apply to the edger and how much paint to use.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. Ad Get Paint High Ceiling. When the handle is full it extends to 54 which enabled me to reach the wall above the stairs without even needing to lean over the railing.

3262015 When I did the sides I turned the edger backward so that the guards were out of the way and I could get paint as close to the corners as possible. I was even able to roll from the side to cut in the edges at the ceiling. Baker scaffolds can be set up with varying height legs.

Hold the pad flat perpendicular to the surface of the paint and dunk just a bit. Get Instant Quality Info. What this means is that the roller is at its longest point when it is full of paint.

This is required when painting the high ceilings near stairs if stairwell repairs are required when lightbulbs above the stairwell need to be changed and more. The paint gets suctioned up into the sleeve of the easy roller. Ad Search Paint High.

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