How To Paint A Toilet Tank

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You should use an oil or latex-based paint for this not a water-based one. Then you can get behind there with the tools we talked about and it wont matter if you bump the tank.

How To Paint Your Toilet Bowl Doityourself Com Clean Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl Toilet Cleaning

642019 Mini rollers work most of the time allowing you to get behind the toilet and get to painting.

How to paint a toilet tank. Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now. Wrap the tank with a garbage bag and tape it tight so its not loose or in your way. You will only need to cover the bowl with a plastic bag and get down to business.

Reach down as. If you paint the tank lid front and sides of the tank and even accents on the side of the bowl you will be surprised at how well it will stand up to cleaning with a damp cloth. Always Clean-Up After Painting.

Ad Get Paint Tank. Firstly Remove all towels personal items floor mats artwork and shower curtains from the washroom. 12202013 New innovative tool that helps you clean and paint behind the toilet tank faster easier and better.

7142020 Thin the paint with a small quantity of white spirit approximately one part spirit to 20 parts paint. Make sure the shiny surface of the toilet is removed otherwise the paint could chip off. Saves time and money.

When you finish painting behind your toilet pull the blue tape from each side of the water tank and from the trim. Apply two coats of primer letting one dry before doing the other. Then remove your toilet tank lid and cover the toilet with a large trash bag.

Dont forget to clean behind the tank first. You could use a rag on a stir stick to reach back there and remove the cobwebs. Why remove the tank.

Next run three strips of 15 painters tape along both sides of the toilets water tank. Paint a 2- to 3-inch strip along all the masked areas using an angled paintbrush. If you use a latex paint make sure that you select one with a high-gloss finish since this is for use in a bathroom.

Never paint the inside of the bowl nor the top edge of the bowl. There are many ways to paint the space behind the toilet but I can guarantee you that this is the fastest and most effective. Clean the stix and repeat the process with two coats of paint.

Look around to ensure you didnt get any paint on the toilet itself. The key is to paint the toilet surfaces that dont get wet. 1272018 Completely empty the toilet tank and drain all the water out of the bowl and tank Use a rasp to sand off the surface of the bowl.

Then glide this down the wall behind the toilet firmly pressing it. Roll with the metal frame on the outside in order to get as close to the covered toilet. Make sure the first strip of tape wraps slightly behind the back edge of the water tank.

Use a narrow paint roller to apply paint primer around the shape of the toilet cutting in as best you can. 1192021 The tank its self should have plenty of clearance between it and the wall you are about the paint. Paint the cistern just as you would anything else.

Ad Get Paint Tank. To paint behind the toilet tank use a mini paint roller with a long handle. Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now.

Prime the toilet with a waterproof paint primer. 2242020 If you have always wanted to paint the area behind the toilet tank then this is a fantastic opportunity to do so. 10132020 Here are five critical steps that will get you ready to paint your washroom including behind the toilet.

10162020 With a traditional paint roller rolled in paint primer roll it over the spongy side of the Jimmy Sponge Stix.

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