How To Paint Mugs With Nail Polish

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Remove mug and place upside down on parchment paper to dry. You only have to dip your item for a few seconds and then pull it out.

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DIY Marble Coffee Mugs using nail polish is my favorite way to make Marble Coffee Mugs.

How to paint mugs with nail polish. Leave to dry for at least two hours. Dip your mug into the centre of the nail polish film and the nail polish will cling onto the mug. Toothpick Drop some nail polish into the water and it will spread or you can use a toothpick.

2112015 DIY Watercolor Mugs using Nail Polish – DIY Mug Decorating – YouTube. Once painted carefully pat the mug dry with some paper towel. If its too hot it might do the same thing.

My silver chrome bowl is now covered in a rainbow of colors. Switch out water between mugs and repeat. 752019 Fill the container halfway with hot water hotter is better.

6262019 Just use darker nail polish colors for colored mugs and make sure that your cups are plain without any decorations or wording. This is obvious but I wanted to make an emphasis on using lukewarm water. Hold it for a few seconds and then set it on parchment paper or wax paper to dry.

5232020 If youd like to find out how to decorate coffee mugs with glitter just give some sparkly nail polish a try. Or add some glitter yourself. Once the nail polish touches the water it will start to set and the heat will slow the process.

Ours were dry to the touch in just a few minutes. DIY Watercolor Mugs using Nail Polish – DIY Mug Decorating. 4162020 Immediately dip your mug into the water and let it sit for a second or two to help the polish adhere to the mug.

Spread the nail polish of your choice across the surface of a bowl of hot water. Using your toothpick to pull the colors into each other for a marbled look. Dip the mug into the water.

Quickly use your toothpick to swirl the polish around. Drizzle nail polish into the bowl of water however you want. You can now repeat the same procedure mentioned above if you want to fashion your mug with a colourful abstract.

I hope you enjoy the video1. 2272014 Fill your plastic container half way with water and pour in each polish separately on top of the last color. I will link the things you need below.

Dip your mug let this sit for a few minutes and remove. 8232018 Fill your container with warm water. 142018 In cases where some of the paint manages to get inside the mug the nail polish remover can help you out there too.

Add water to your bowl I filled mine about halfway full. Once you begin youll be amazed at how quickly the process goes. The polish should spread upon the surface.

With the bottle close to the waters surface pour in a little bit of polish in random squiggles. We learned this the hard way. Dip your glass into the water but not so far that the water.

You can keep it simple with one color or use a few different colors. With the nail polish bottle very close to the surface pour a drop or two of polish into the water. 512019 Dunk your mug into the nail polish water.

5142020 Place some paper towels or paper next to your bowl to place the mugs on to dry and have your toothpicks ready. Fill the bowl with water. Once you add nail polish to the water its a quick project.

Go straight down and straight up to achieve the dipped look Move the mug to a protected surface to dry completely avoiding rubbing the. For our first mug we used black and grey nail polish and our second mug got red pink and yellow. If its too cold the nail polish will sink to the bottom.

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