How To Paint Or Stain A Concrete Fountain

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On Mar 4 2020. Painting the Fountain Coat the fountain with concrete sealer.

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Stains can be applied quickly and offer color options but do not protect the concrete.

How to paint or stain a concrete fountain. You can repeat this step and or let it. Too bad it looks great. Concrete stains are a lot thinner than paint.

Apply it with a paintbrush to get into all the small decorative areas. If you power wash you must wait until the surface is completely dry. If your item is stained with grease or oil use a degreaser made especially for concrete.

Apply Concrete Paint or Stain Once the primer has dried thoroughly you can apply the stain or paint. Apply the Stain and Remove Residue Use an acid-resistant airless paint sprayer to neatly and evenly apply the stain on the concrete slab. Treated concrete will not allow acidic stain or acetone dye to permeate the surface.

After the stain fully dries paint the fountain with a fresh coat of concrete sealer. Sealing Your Concrete Statue Best bet is to use a spray on sealer to spray over the top of your painted statue. I found this paint for fountains and pools and it is in stock at most Home Depots see if this is what you are looking for.

Painting concrete surfaces however can be a bit trickier than painting drywall wood metal or other materials. Paint covers and protects the concrete but requires more work. Both have their advantages.

This may take 24 to 48 hours. Start by using a pump sprayer on a fine spray setting spraying in a circular motion. Paint the concrete with new stain.

It has metallic salts that when exposed to lime and the natural minerals in concrete create effects that make the concrete look like a stone or leather slab. Algae dirt and plant matter accumulate in the fountain over time staining the concrete and ruining its appearance. Use the scrub brush to gently clean your bird bath or other concrete item with the mixture.

Begin with undamaged untreated concrete. Work in sections as needed. Proper preparation is a must before you apply any of these products.

A spray can work as easily as applying the paint to the concrete with a brush so the type you choose is entirely up to you. Ensure the concrete fountain is placed in a location that will remain dry to keep the fountain undisturbed while you wait to apply the sealant. Epoxy can add shine.

Clean your concrete fountain at least once per season to keep it looking like new. Allow it to dry for the time suggested by the sealers. Concrete stain may be the best product for you.

If you go with a stain you need to remove the old paint and sealer with a concrete and masonry paint stripper. Test small samples of stain or dye much as you would a paint swatch. It is important that you remove as much of the old paint as possible by hand scraping or power washing.

Use caution when applying. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain outdoor concrete fountains. The acid type penetrates deep into the concrete and dries in a semi-translucent color.

Concrete is porous meaning it can absorb and transport water and paint but that doesnt mean it cant be successfully covered using the correct products and techniques. You can also use a concrete stain. Concrete floors can be treated with concrete stains or concrete paints.

Put on the rubber gloves and mix a solution of one part water to one part household bleach in the bucket. There is a concrete acid stain and a water-based stain. If you have another piece of statuary to test the color on it would be helpful otherwise just spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes and hose it off.

I use the Krylon clear enamel spray it can be found on Amazon here Krylon Colormaster The clear gloss spray will add a shiny coat over the top of your paint and help protect your paint on the statue. Select an oil-based masonry primer as well as masonry paint. Concrete water fountains can be painted with an exterior latex or oil-based paint.

You may also use a paint roller or handheld brush for stain application in smaller areas and tight corners on the slab. Step 1 – Choose an Oil-based Masonry Primer and Paint Before you begin the process you need to choose a paint that works well with the concrete. Called the company that makes it not for fountains.

Leave the stain to dry then add a second coat to saturate the color or to eliminate blotchiness. On Mar 4 2020.

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