How To Paint Skull Teeth On Your Face

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Continue drawing the lines as if you were about to draw a circle. Move to where you picked your nose and draw a design blackened skull nose or no nose if features.


Fill in the entire white side with white face makeup or face paint.

How to paint skull teeth on your face. Remember to make the lines symmetrical. Using the white face paint make your face and neck completely white. You want the sponge just barely moist so the paint doesnt run.

Once you go black eyeliner eye shadow matte black finish giving the appearance of more and less bright. For the half-skull effect paint along your eye. Drip it from the corners of your painted-on teeth and around the hollows of your eyes.

Apply normal makeup to half of your face. Connect the 2 ends by drawing a wide u-shaped line. Paint a white line down the middle of your face.

Use the blue paint pod and tiny brush to draw the shape of a flower around the whole eye. Leave an opening at the bottom. Spray the brush cleaner on the head your brush and massage the bristles with your fingers to work the paint out.

See more ideas about face painting halloween face painting face painting designs. Another option is to paint only a partial skeleton on your face. Follow the line of your cheekbones as you draw.

To get that ghostly look take white face paint and a foundation brush and put it all over your face. When Halloween face paint the base is always the shadow of the parts that do not require instructions exactly. These are teeth after all.

Paint the upper half and leave the jaw off or just paint one side of your face to make it appear that the skin was ripped away. Get a good amount of paint saturated into your sponge. Apply blue eyeshadow to the eyelid.

This is the ground work to your skull. Load a small flat brush with a bit of black water based paint. Dab or wipe paint with the sponge all around the face including over the lips.

Draw 2 nostrils in the middle lower half of the skull. This helps define the shape of the skull. This is a beginner skeleton the eyes should be more diagonal but other than that its a good face paint design.

Oct 2 2019 – Explore Christa Bastians board Face Paint Skull on Pinterest. Press it between your lips and gently work your lips from side to side to rub the paint onto your skin. Dip your sponge in the water and ring it out.

Then rinse your brush off under a running facet as you continue to massage the bristles until the water runs clear. Step 2 Following the natural line of your cheekbones and the hollows of you cheeks paint a curved faint greyblack line along your. First scrape all of your hair back.

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