How To Paint Stripes On A Pumpkin

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I think I would like to make a polka dotted pumpkin to go with my black and white polka dotted plates. How do you paint stripes on a pumpkin.

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Paint remove tape and allow to dry.

How to paint stripes on a pumpkin. Freehand paint white lines as shown in the final picture to complete the plaid effect. You can also find stickers already circular and just stick those onto your pumpkin. Because the pumpkin is round you will need to work on it one-half at a time.

We based them on the main character Camila Cream who was afraid to be herself and eat lima beans. Paint horizontal stripes evenly around the pumpkin. It really is like magic.

Cut out circles from your tape in a variety of sizes. Once dry repeat this process at the top and bottom of your pumpkin to create two more horizontal stripes. Paint remove tape and allow to dry.

Just eyeball the string to get it as level as possible before painting. I just painted every other rib on the pumpkin with the craft paint. Allow the paint to dry before removing the strips of tape to reveal the buffalo check pattern on your painted wood pumpkins.

I didnt use stencils and spray paint. Using a darker paint color fill in the squares where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. To recreate this look tape off the top half of your pumpkin and paint the bottom a bright energetic hue.

In order to get the stripes traced in the correct spot first decide how large to make the stripes on each pumpkin based on the size of each pumpkin and how many stripes you need to paint. Apply Mod Podge to a small section of the painted pumpkin and place strips of paper to cover. I chose a very defined pumpkin for this design and it looked awesome as a result but you can even use a smooth faced pumpkin.

Continue to decoupage until you have covered half of the pumpkin. If you have other paint at home but arent sure if itll work on the pumpkin test it out on a small part of the pumpkin to see if it sticks first. Published on Aug 21 2019.

Try to picture yourself holding a flashlight on the left side of the pumpkin and seeing the edge of the holes you painted glowing from the reflection. Then allow the pumpkin to dry about 20 minutes before continuing to decoupage the rest. How to paint your DIY WOOD PUMPKIN CRAFT KIT.

When each of the wood block pumpkins is painted with your desired design apply paint to the outer edges of the blocks. Paint vertical stripes evenly around the pumpkin. Get your household excited for fall with some sweet seasonal craft projects.

I used Burnt Umber colored paint any dark brown will work and the same brush I used for the pumpkins. Use an acrylic paint to paint the pumpkin. Next paint the stripes on the pumpkin.

To create a plaid pattern place 2 pieces of ScotchBlue 1 tape horizontally around the widest point of your pumpkin. Paint a white base coat onto the pumpkin. If youre drawing a goblin pick an eerie green color for your background.

Apply the sealer to the first half allow to dry then apply to the second half. Tack the string around your pumpkin in several spots for each stripe. Pick a color that complements your design.

To give the pumpkin more of a 3-D effect use white acrylic paint and outline only the right sides which imitaties light reflecting. Give the second half time to dry before moving to the next step. Last week I sat down in front of the TV with three bottles of acrylic craft paint yep the 1 kind from the craft store and a 14 inch paint brush also from the craft store.

I didnt mask off stripes with painters tape. Paint vertical stripes by filling in the gaps and at the end use darker paint on the areas where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect. When you paint the stripe it will look like shading rather than a.

Today we painted our pumpkins that will be on display next week for the Literary Pumpkin Festival. My stripes are about an inch wide. Carefully cover every area you want to remain the base pumpkin or gourd coloring.

Apply sealer to your pumpkin. Only load up half of the brush with brown and leave the orange on the other side. Once dry remove the tape and paint the top a complementing or contrasting color for a groovy display.

Simple drag your paint brush or sponge brush from the top all the way down underneath the pumpkin. A Bad Case of Stripes on a Pumpkin. Make sure you slightly overlap the strips to get full coverage.

Create stripes using strips of painters tape. Once I had painted all six stripes going down I added two more stripes going around the pumpkin. Start with a white pumpkin you may need white paint for this and then paint vertical stripes of a different color following the natural lines of the pumpkin.

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