How To Paint Tie Dye On Fondant

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Painting With Gel Food Color. Paint the fondant with a gel or powdered food-grade coloring food-grade paintbrush and a small amount of alcohol.

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Tight small strokes are good for the center but make the strokes longer as you reach the end of the spiral.

How to paint tie dye on fondant. A tutorial on how to tie dye fondant and a demonstration on using The Mat by SweetwiseThe Mat can be purchased from. The beautiful smooth white surface is practically begging to be covered with color and fortunately there are some very easy and practical ways to do thatOne of the most popular ways to decorate fondant is with gel food color. You may tint fondant that is already rolled and placed on a cake or cut in shapes.

With paintbrush paint a generous line of each color food coloring vertically along the inside of the bag. Paint in light even strokes across the fondants surface. Im sorry there has been such a delay Ive been super busy and the audio on this video had been giving me a hard time.

Vanilla icing now on to the next step. I used airbrush colors and did a lot of practicing before I figured out how to get the right effect. Heres a little video on how to paint a tie-dye pattern on a fondant cake.

Mix fabric paint and water or mix chemical water and dye. As promised here is a tutorial on how to make Tie Dyed Fondant. This is a technique I used on my 70s Cake.

Cotton or cotton blends will take the color the best. Try only two colors at first to keep it simple. Twist the fondant again and fold it back into itself until you can see a tie dye pattern formed in the fondant.

Be sure to leave about5 1-inch spaces between colors I always opt to paint the colors in rainbow order because rainbows. Use only clear alcohols such as vodka or rum and mix a small amount with the color. Airbrushed Tie Dye on Fondant.

Otherwise it will look like a weird rainbow worm. HtH at least a bit. Prep your pastry bag with icing tip and fold down the edges.

Tie dyeing shirts and other clothing is a fun activity. Too many colors will get muddy and you can lose the pattern. Then starting in the center of the outline paint over the swirl in a zig-zag pattern.

Gather random parts of the damp material in small bunches and put a rubber band tightly around each scrunched piece of fabric. Lightly mist your material with water using the spray bottle. Hold one hand at each end of the logs and begin twisting the fondant logs together to create a spiral of colors.

Fold the spiral in half and press it down with your hands. Find this Pin and more on Arits Sweetsby Arit Shumway. Take one big piece of fondant for your base color and then take smaller different colored fondant pieces and slightly kneed them together make sure not to do this to much you dont want to combine the colore too much and end up with a grey piece.

Use the end of a food-safe paint brush to lightly outline a large swirl pattern on your fondant. Airbrushed Tie Dye on Fondant Covered Cake. One of the most popular things do to with fondant is not surprisingly to paint it.

If you want to use ingredients from your own kitchen food. Make your own tie dye paint at home with simple ingredients. Heres an easy way to tie dye using supplies you might already have at home.

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