How To Paint Valve Cover Civic

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Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Replace the Valve Gasket an. Remove valve cover.

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This step will help the paint stick better resulting in a better looking valve cover.

How to paint valve cover civic. Four coats of silver high heat rust oleum paint on the valve cover and removed screws I placed the valve cover under a high heat work light instead of baking Wait for the paint to dry Removed the tape and put the hold down screws back on then reinstalled How does it look. Valve cover gasket location inspection. Try to get each coat to the point where the paint almost about to run.

Use paint stripper to get rid of existing paint dont let it touch plastic Do lots of cleaning. Scotty Kilmer mechanic for the last 46 years and counting shows how to change a valve cover gasket on your engine. Keep the coats light and wait 5 minutes between each coat before applying the next.

What i did is a first sanded it a bit with 400 grit then 1 layer of primer 2 layers of red paintlet dry 48 hrs. It goes on smooth and glossy but the magic. Make sure its totally dry before you start painting.

The first and most important rule when using aerosol spray paints is to shake shake and shake. Allow 5mins between each coat. Spray paint your valve covers and your engine with a rattle spray can and get amazing results.

Spray the valve cover with high-heat paint which is available at any auto parts store. But I want to use a wrinkle gold color instead of a traditional red. To paint the cover use even back and forth motions holding the can evenly 8-12 inches from the cover and traveling past the edge of it each time.

In this video were going to show you how to replace the valve cover gasket on this 1998 Honda Civic with the 16L 4-cylinder engine. 3 This step is optional. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features.

The method is to locate the VTEC hydraulic actuator switch that will be located besides the valve cover. The second thing is to. In this video I show you how to use rattle can spray paint to.

After cleaning the valve cover a quick wipe down is fine spray on the paint stripper and let it set 10-20 minutes. Wait 24 hours after the last coat before moving to the next step. Get spray paint thats rated for heat.

Before we get on with the step-by-step photos a few words about painting are in order. The VTEC hydraulic switch is a light-grey coloured cylinder attached to the head assembly. Use steel wool or very find sand paper to roughen up the surface of the valve cover.

After seeing a lot of CTR style red valve covers and such I want to take on the project myself. Then i picked a oil based sharpie paint pen and did the white lettering then i did 3 coats of clear. Tried amazon and online stores and all I found there were just red black wrinkle spray paint.

Ive went to numerous autozones and such stores and no luck. Use a total of 4 or 5 coats of paint. This may take 2-5 coats until you are satisfied with the coverage and look of the cover.

On DOHC VTEC engines the VTEC actuator will be located near to the distributor. 1 Remove the valve cover and place it on a trashbag peice of newspaper or anything that you dont mind painting along with your valve cover. The items youll need for this are pliers 10mm socket and ratchet with extension a 1 14 socket a flat blade screwdriver a rubber mallet and a marker.

There is no paint its just raw plastic black plastic. The better you mix the paint the better it will cover. 2 Clean the valve cover with your brakeengine cleaner to remove all dirt oil and dust.

The longer you let it sit the softer the paint will be and the more it will bubble. Stand at different angles to the cover in order to get all sides and all edges.

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