How To Price Your Paintings Per Square Inch

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I have been attempting to sell a 10 x 8 x 15 stretched canvas painting on facebook for a number of weeks now. Not what youre looking for.

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To work out your price by the square inch multiply the length by the width of your painting.

How to price your paintings per square inch. Multiply the paintings width by its length to arrive at the total size in square inches. Julia multiplies the art width by the art height to get the total square inches of the artwork. To calculate the price-per-square-inch of a work of art is simple.

Plus all of the media on our website lists the square foot price on the product page. An artist who can sell an oil painting for 30000 would be considered by most people to be very successful. 80 x 400 32000.

For instance using a multiplier of 250 per square inch your smallest painting 4 4 inches will be 40 and your largest painting 32 32 will be 2560. If you charge 1 per square inch this would be 64 the price of materials if you are adding that as well. You can also use united inches instead of square inches Height Width United Inches.

Add the total cost of materials and promoting. Savvy collectors will catch on when this is the case and not only will they not be willing to pay your high prices theyll also take you. Then multiply that number by a set dollar amount thats appropriate for your reputation.

If you see that similar pieces in your market sell for about 500 you may have to lower hourly rate a bit. Cost Per Square Inch Calculator. When you set prices by the square inch you first determine the total area of your drawing by multiplying its length by its width.

Contact Us Get this calculator for your site. I suggest you call your LexJet Specialist 800-453-9538 to see what cost per square foot your printer model uses. The price in this example would be 37000.

Its something you do with your art after its made when its ready to leave your studio and get sold either by you personally or through a gallery at an art fair online at open studios through an agent or representative wherever. Then multiply the area by a dollar amount of your choice. Width x Height Square Inches of a Print.

Pricing your art is different from making art. After you know these two things heres the easy formula. Price Your Artwork with this Formula 1.

80 x your cost Lets say that you charge 400 per square inch. 80 x 5 400 Pricing by the unified inch method. The next step is to multiply the square inches by your cost.

The majority of emerging artists will usually sell an oil painting within the 100-1000 range. So I have decided to start pricing them at higher price ranges instead of lower prices. If you decide to charge 5 per square inch the price for an 810 drawing would be 400 8 x 10 80.

Get your own custom-built calculator. 44 inches 16 square inches x 25 40 88 inches 64 square inches x 25 160. Bradblackman Mod Cami 4 years ago.

You multiply the length of the piece by its width to get the number of square inches and then you divide the price of the piece by the number of square inches. Thank us with a Like. 32000 5000 37000.

20 x 16 painting on canvas would sell for 320 per square inch. Lets say the expenses add up to 5000. This number happens to be nice and neat she says.

Our paint calculator is designed in a way to fulfill your painting needs by making a selection of perfect paint based on per square feet price finish washability and durability. Selling works to your family for 6000 a piece does not mean that your art is worth that much. We offer bulk pricing on orders over 10 calculators.

When showing proof of previous sales do not let yourself get overconfident based on the prices that your family and friends have been willing to pay. Well-known artists those already in demand can charge significantly more. When you charge by the square inch the price difference between a small painting and a larger one can become astronomical.

By the linear inch an equivalent would be 8888 per linear inch 319968 rounded to 320 for a 20 x 16 painting on canvas. How to price your art Demystifying the art pricing process for beginners. Then she multiplies 320 by the price per square inch which in Julias case is 25 to get a price of 800.

For example the total square inch number of 16-inch x 20-inch canvas is 320. For example an 8 by 8 inch piece 8 x 8 64 square inches. Square inch pricing can be confusing with a range of sizes.

Published by Nela Dunato on July 10 2014 at 1253 in Tips for creatives Art Business. If your materials cost 100 and your pieces take about 20 hours to complete you can pay yourself about 25 per hour to arrive at the target price 100 for materials 20 x 25 for your labor. Also we give you many painting designs choices to make up your interior and exterior walls.

A few weeks ago I found myself in a tricky situation. I have been selling my paintings at low prices too. During my exhibition a potential collector asked me how much I was selling my art for and I blanked.

Then theres the top of the art world where some artists can sell an oil painting for 500000 and more. Here for example is square inch pricing using a multiplier of 25 ie 250 per square inch.

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