How To Remove Paint From Motorcycle Gas Tank

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The idea is to have the extreme temperature change make the dent pop back into place. Sandblasting might leave some cracks and holes so use a metal filler to fill in cracks and a body filler to fill in holes.

Pin Stripping Bike Tank Motorcycle Tank Gas Tank Paint

Come back to it and youll notice that a lot of the paint has started to crack and bubble up.

How to remove paint from motorcycle gas tank. Hear is another video using a single stage paint enjoy httpsyou. Softens up the paint and it peels right off. Httpamznto2dZHLYSAfter wash you nee.

Another thing youll maybe have to do is lift the back of your tank upward and pull it towards the end of the motorcycle in order to remove it. Then we get all the water out we can by turning the tank upside down and using dry rags around the tank opening lip. I did my gas tank 95 WR250 by brushing it on.

Once the acid worked its magic and everything looks bright and clean you want to remove the caps and plugs. Unfortunately thats also the area most prone to dents and dings. Point its nozzle at the dent with about an inch of space between them.

Use a sandblaster to sand the tank down to bare metal. It took a couple days and some reapplication for it to penetrate the 3 or 4 layers of paint but left the tank nice. Use a piece of 180-grit sandpaper over the surface repeatedly until it is smooth to the touch.

I like to remove the fuel tap filters and re-fit the taps making sure they are switched off as they survive the whole process pretty well intact. Ive heard of using nuts and bolts but they might be just as hard to get out as the paint chips but bbs should be small enough to come out of the petcock hole. Use some force to free it from the mounting bosses on the frame.

Follow that up with a half gallon of gasoline to absorb the trace of water left remove and save for the lawn mower The last treatment is a rinse of oil and gasoline to leave an oil film inside. Whether you stripped the paint or plan to paint over the original color the next step is to wet sand. It has to be quite hot and uncomfortable to touch but it doesnt have to be boiling.

2a Landmark Removal Tool 3 In my case the Landmark paint saver ring was installed incorrectly with the rubber gasket badly worn and not the same style as provided by Landmark see photo below. At least you can get inside of the tank. Before you flush you want to heat a five-gallon pot of water on a hotplate or a stove.

2 Remove the stock Landmark Paint Saver Ring screwed into the gas tank with the SPECIAL Landmark REMOVAL TOOL not shown. Using 400 grit sandpaper and a small bowl of water get the tank totally wet and sand in small circular motions until the tank is perfectly smooth. If you have a custom-painted motorcycle the bulk of the paint is likely found on the gas tank.

Submerging the part is ideal but you can brush it on or soak paper towels and cover the part. Spray or dab some paint thinner on to the cloth and wipe down the entire tank. Having a dented motorcycle gas tank repaired professionally is expensive not to mention that youll be without your bike while its in the shop being fixed.

That should make things a lot easier. You dont want to sand through the primer you just want to get it smooth. How To Paint Your Motorcycle Tank in 2020Thanks for watching let me know your thoughts.

All of the products I used are below go buy them with my link and check out my other videosKlean Premium stripper. Move it back and forth for about a minute allowing the area to heat up. Remove all of the existing paint.

To start pour out all the remaining petrol from the tank into a can and if its still any good save it for use at another time or in your lawnmower. Ive already caught flack for working on things inside the house. Leave it for a minute maybe give it another wipe down and go and grab a drink.

The third theory to remove a dent in a motorcycle gas tank is by heating up that spot of the tank using a hair dryer or something similar and immediately spraying it with freeze spray. I have also tried using dent repair kits. Start sanding again and most of the paint should be coming off easily.

Make sure its setting is on a high. Turn the dryer off and set it aside.

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