How To Spray Paint Plastic Motorcycle Parts

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The key is in the prep. In 70-degree F weather it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for paint to flash.

Simple Ways To Paint Motorcycle Fairings 11 Steps With Pictures

Pour the rubbing alcohol over the plastic.

How to spray paint plastic motorcycle parts. Then spray a light tack coat on the plastic motorcycle parts. And read the can. Items such as steel fenders fall into this category.

1 – Use a DA random orbital sander and a soft backup pad with some 400 grit sandpaper. This tutorial will show you How To Paint Motorcycle Fairings. This will allow the paint to stick to the plastic better.

This custom spray paint job is a Candy Apple Red and gold over silver flakesUsing this method makes it easy to. Sure it is scratched just like the plastics would be. I would do the following.

A Step by Step Guide to painting bike parts. Wipe down the plastic surface with alcohol to remove any oils that might prevent the paint. Sand the paint off of the plastic motorcycle mudguard by using a 400-grit sandpaper.

Spray two to three medium wet coats letting the paint flash between each coat. You can even spray paint plastics with the right products so its easy to jazz up anything from outdoor furniture to switch covers to picture frames to toys and much more. Before the top coat of paint can be applied the component may need to be sanded with a very fine wetdry paper such as a 1200 grade grit paper.

2 – Clean the dust off your part very well use some 5050 alcohol and water to wipe your part. Sand the plastic first and clean with a alcohol or brake cleaner parts cleaner that will not leave residue of any kind. When painting plastic parts on motorcycles use the proper sanding materials and the proper type of primer and paint.

What to do if your finishing something someone else startedLINK below for all equipment used i. The rubbing alcohol will wash away the sanded paint and loosen up the remaining paint. But has looked great and held up great as well as any plasticspaint would.

Prep for Paint You do not have to go all the way back down to the plastic to get good paint on your motorcycle parts. Spray painting is a great way to spruce up older items redecorate and bring new life to items. After adding fillers and sanding the area flat the mechanic must repaint the area with etching primer.

Before you try to paint on plastic lightly buff the plastic surface with 220 to 300-grit sandpaper using a circular motion as you sand. When the paint flashes this means that the reducer has evaporated and the paint is no longer wet but is still sticky. I would highly recommend krylon fusion for this.

Simple Ways To Paint Motorcycle Fairings 11 Steps With Pictures

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