How To Spray Single Stage Metallic Paint

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This will work for you if you find stripes but you have to be careful about how you do it. Hold it around ten to twelve inches from the surface and spray in steady even motions keeping your wrists straight.

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Here are some pics of how it turned out.

How to spray single stage metallic paint. I had read on here previously that SS metallic can be hard to get to look right because of the metal flake. The basecoat stage is where you can play with your paint. In the video I will show you the steps to spray single stage paintWe are painting a 2005 Nissan Maxima.

I used to spray single stage metallic a lot when I worked for a trucking company it is a bear to paint. To cut and buff single stage metallics for someone who has not painted or buffed freshly painted vehicles before can turn into nightmare. Ad Search Service Painting.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. This video focuses on how to spray single stage metallic automotive paint using a drop coat control coat or a mist coat to even out the metallic flakes on t. First of all is this technique applicable for Single Stage Metallics.

The clear coat and paint was terrible on the hood f. However Id recommend do crisscross spraying when doing metallics like a drop coat. Tiger striping is very easy to do but if its production you are seeking it does cut out a step in the painting process.

Of course I was using a pressure pot with a 20 tip spraying on a ladder in a moon suit with hoses draped off me. This video shows how i spray a single stage paint. Make sure your guns distance from the surface remains consistent.

Increase your pressure a little bit and pull back to around 12 inches then go over your panel. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. Actually spraying metallics dry will cause them to look lighter.

Some manufacturers suggest that you mist your paint on the final pass to even out any uneven metallics. Apply two or three coats of prepared mixture until the repaired areas etc are blanked out. It may look fine but the first impact will chip it.

Start from left to right then go up and down then diagonal the goal being to arrange the metallics evenly. Once a paint is dried the only way to get another paint or clear to stick to it is to sand it unless youre dealing with lacquer paint. By their nature single layer metallics are fairly transparent.

On Saturday I worked on an 80s pickup with single stage metallic paint. If you spray clear over that single stage metallic without sanding in most paint types youll get no adhesion with the clear. All true statements being stated.

Spray one panel move to the next go back and mist coat the previous panel by spraying at different angles over the panel to help even it out. There are several ways to get a high metallic paint to look lighter. Ad Search Service Painting.

From the side of the truck it looks great but looking at the truck head-on you can see. Use a 13 or 14 tip size for any basecoat including metallics. Simply holding the gun further back can lighten the paint a little over-reducing and moving the gun faster can lighten up metallic paint.

Begin on the bottom of the car and work slowly upward spraying evenly as you progress. Turning the air pressure up will lighten metallic paint. Also it has been mentioned that metallics should always be sprayed as 2 medium-wet coats finished by a mist coat.

Here is the best advice- get your paint and a junk panel prepped the way that you are going to spray and practice it. To mist your finish you hold your gun about 15 feet from the surface and apply the paint to the whole panel. I am no expert at painting but Im show.

The results will probably look stripey or blotchy due to flotation of the aluminium particles – for a nice even finish proceed as follows. Finally FWIW I sprayed my base a couple of weeks ago with my Iwata LPH 400 and a silver clear coat cap I did experience some striping that was a concern but it faded as it flashed. I clayed the hood used 105 on wool for 3 passes then used M80 on rotary and by hand.

Make sure your metallic is even. If you have not painted car yet go to your paint supplier and get some clear to topcoat 2 coats this will give you buffing material. Not a great result but it wont be a big deal if we have to go a different route.

Be prepared to use some type of dropcoat to ensure no mottling sullies your hard. In this time hopefully the previous panel has set up enough that when spraying you mist coat it will not contribute to more mottling but still be wet enough to accept it and maintain a good gloss. Begin spraying the area by holding the gun steady and vertical.

Single stage means mix the paint hardener and reducer then spray.

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