How To Stretch Paper For Watercolor Painting

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First you soak the paper then you stretch it. Stretching on a flat board.

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For paper under 24 square a 12mm board thickness is suitable.

How to stretch paper for watercolor painting. I try to cut through the clutter and make sense of all the varying m. Fill the tub with just enough water to immerse the paper so it floats then let it soak 5-10 minutes making sure it is totally saturated. They expand when wet then contract again when drying.

However they are not easy to find. Today I am going to show you how to stretch your watercolor paper so it will stay perfectly flat when you paint on it. Just like the last method use force but dont soak up all the water.

There is tons of information about stretching watercolor paper and not all of it agrees. The point of stretching watercolor paper is to prevent your paper from rippling and warping as you paint. To stretch your board this way simple placing your watercolor paper flat against a wooden board and taping all the edges down with masking tape.

Many artists prepare a few boards at the same time to work on more than one painting at a time or to not have to wait to paint again until the last one has dried and been removed from the board. Then try to stretch the paper into place using your fingers on the paper. Then wet your paper with a large 2in soft brush and allow it to dry before painting directly onto the board.

The first step in paper stretching is soaking the paper. The process involves soaking the paper to expand the fibres attaching it to a rigid board and allowing it to dry and shrink to become taut. Place along all four outer edges of the paper covering just about ΒΌ of the paper.

It is much easier than you think. This is the most common way of stretching paper and spruce drawing boards draughtsmens boards are the best because they are hard wearing and durable. Once the paper is dry it will be stretched tight on the board and will not warp when watercolor is added.

PLEASE READBefore you comment on how odd or how this is not the traditional method etc. The first step in stretching watercolor paper it is to soak each sheet in a tub of cold water. The advantage of stretching you paper.

Hilary will show you how to eliminate this problem by stretching your paper before you paint. Paper fibers absorb water as you paint. Then you can staple or glue the paper to a board.

Using gum tape to stretch watercolor paper The most common certainly in the past was to thoroughly wet your paper for about 15 minutes. For larger sheets increase the thickness of the board to. If youve ever painted on paper youve likely experienced it warping or buckling during the drying process.

All the materials in this video can be purchases at Blick Art Materials. You then fix the edges of the paper so that when it dries and contracts the surface is pulled tight like a drum. Roll out two layers of your paper towels over the sheet.

When you soak the paper it expands. How to stretch watercolor paper. MDF board can also be used but it should be sealed beforehand so that water doesnt penetrate.

Create your painting while the sheet is still taped to the board. How to Stretch Watercolor Paper. When dry the stretched paper should not cockle when water is applied.

NOTE this is called. Most watercolorists do so before painting especially when using a thinner variety as the process expands the fibers of the paper so it doesnt buckle or warp. Before you prep your palette and grab your brush you may have to stretch it.

Stretching your watercolor paper is an important step because it keeps the paper from wrinkling when you paint. So youve found the perfect watercolor paper for your next project. Press it firmly across the paper to soak up any excess water.

Stretching you watercolour paper means that it will remain flat for the time that you are painting on it. This is my favorite way to stretch paper and I use it 80 of the time. If you master the simple art of stretching watercolour paper you will find it takes little time and makes a huge difference to your painting experience.

The dampened paper is laid on the glued frame and pressed into the glue. There may be ripples or raised places in parts of the paper but dont sweat them as they will smooth out as the paper dries. There are two ways to stretch watercolour paper.

You then pick it up and allow most of the surface water to drip down off the paper. Let the paper dry overnight. How to Stretch your Watercolor Paper.

This allows the paper to expand fully. Whichever method you choose to stretch your paper the basic approach is the same. Before you begin a watercolor painting its often a good idea to prepare your paper by stretching it.

Alternatively you can use a canvas stretcher to stretch out the paper.

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