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We found a thread here on Corvette Forum where our members debate the value of paint protection film. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and.

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You can get paint protection film PPF to give you some protection against such things but thats a completely different product and much higher in cost too.

Is it worth getting paint protection film. If not for the paint protection film the owner would either have to live with the scratch and subsequent rust or have the panel repaired and repainted. Is that price in line. Most brand name PPF paint protection film does not have UV protection for this reason.

Explaining the Science Behind Paint Protection Film. They know it will not be applied to the entire vehicle. The other thing you can do is do not tail gate this is how you get stone chips.

Paint Protection Film or PPF is a Great way of protecting a vehicle from damage caused by small rocks and other road debris. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. We explain what it is and if its worth buying.

If you do decide to go forward with it do your research. The cost to respray a cars paint work or fix small imperfections is very high running into the tens of thousands of dollars in some cases so for a minimal outlay of up to 2000 it seems prevention is a far better option than cure. Keep in mind that the film itself can be expensive and the installation process is tedious and time consuming.

Paint protection films dont always like to fit perfectly when applied and as we previously mentioned is typically far more finicky than vinyl. While this does add some additional time to the complete process its worth it in the end as it will protect the paintwork and other areas of the vehicle against rock chips or a light scratch which can be fixed easily with self healing PPF. But it means the paint will fade unevenly on the car.

Id recommend spending a little more and getting the whole truck ceramic coated instead. Most should protect your paint from small rock chips. Anyone any thoughts on whether it is worth getting the paint protection film for the extra 295.

Paint Protection Films which can also be known as PPF or Clear Bra are a thick film thats applied to your vehicle primarily to protect against rock chips and impacts. Choose your paint protection product carefully and also which detailer you get to apply it. From there the balance of the film on the fender was removed and the panel cleaned.

It isnt intended to enhance the shine or luster of your vehicle nor is it very good at keeping the vehicle cleaner. How much does automotive paint protection cost. 3M Paint Protection Film PPF Is It WORTH It ONE YEAR LATER.

If you want to stop that youll want to get Paint Protection Film clear bra installed. One of the most important aspects of ensuring that paint protection film properly protects your vehicle is making sure its installed correctly by a certified professional. We may be a little bias but we vote yes.

If you want to protect your paint maintain your finish and your investment then youll want some sort of protection on your paint. Sure spending a couple of grand on your car might sound steep at first but considering it can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car over the next five years not to mention the added value that it brings if you plan to sell it we would say that paint protection film is. As someone mentioned on the thread ceramic coatings do NOT stop scratches or rock chips.

Your alternative would be to wax the car. You may be offered paint protection when youre buying a new car. Is paint protection worth it.

In the early days the adhesive that stuck the film to the paintwork used to yellow and harden but todays products have overcome those problems now. Not worth barely covers The front part of the car and if it survives long enough by the time you take it off the rest of your paint will have faded to a different shaded than the part that was covered in film. But paint protection film is expensive costing around two to five thousand dollars depending on how much you wrap.

Is it worth that kind of money. Peeled back the material carefully and as you can see no damage to the underlying factory paint. Hi all I never had the paint protection film before but looked into it for the Y I was shocked at the cost of it they want between 1500-1800 to do the entire front And a few hundred less to do the partial.

While paint protection film is not a silver bullet for all of the roads many hazards it provides an added layer of protection against the irritating dings that drive us all a little crazy. Next up a new section of film for the fender and back on the road. And some even claim to be self-healing.

But while your squeegee may slide effortlessly across the filmy surface its worth noting this is when it pays to be a pro. PPF can do a really good job at limiting damage to high contact areas – the question is whether what Ford is offering is competitively priced vs what you can get on your own. If you plan on getting your car professionally installed it can cost from 1000 to 7000 depending on the coverage and type of vehicle.

Should You Get Paint Protection Film On Your Car. The big question most people face is. Most paint protection products will spray on as a liquid and dry clear although some products in the past featured a clear plastic film.

OK lets get technical.

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