Krishna With Gopis Pahari Painting Description

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This scene evokes the joy of life spent intimately with the god Krishna. The love that the Gopis had towards him is considered divine and it is believed to be a union of souls where the Gopis are the soul waiting to blend or merge with the Supreme Soul.

Krishna And Gopis From Gita Govinda Pahari Basohli Style School Painting Rajasthani Miniature Paintings Indian Painting

The Vaishnavite tradition of Hinduism celebrating the love of Radha and Krishna bears its distinct stamp of the Kangra style.

Krishna with gopis pahari painting description. Krishna is fluting at the center of a circle of dancers. Krishna became the focus of numerous bhakti devotional cults which have over the centuries produced a wealth of religious poetry music and painting. Pahari art produced in Kangra under Raja Sansar Chand is known for its pronounced rhythmic quality.

Under a scorching sun Krishna and three women of his cowherd village enjoy the cooling waters of the Yamuna River. Description The Pahari Painting Krishna with Gopis belongs Basohli Sub school of art. A depiction of Shri Krishnas famous Raas Leela with his Gopis his ardent followers.

Fineartsclass12cbse cbse class 12 Krishna with gopis painting description links1For Short Notes on Rajasthani sub school latest Pattern refer to. It was painted during 1730ADby the artist Manku. The theme of this Indian miniature painting in Kangra style is taken from an episode in the Bhagavata Purana the great Indian book of scripture.

It was painted in tempera water colour on paper. Krishna steals the clothes of the gopis while they were bathing in the river Yamuna and climbs up a nearby Kadamba tree and refuses to return the clothes unless they come out of the river one by one and. The theme of this Pahari Indian painting in the Basohli idiom Rasa Lila or Krishnas dance with the gopis is based on the narration in the great Indian scripture the Bhagavata Purana.

Krishna with Gopis -The Pahari painting Krishna with Gopis belongs Basohli school of art. The paintings theme has been selected from Geet Govinda series. The style is made up of two markedly contrasting schools the bold intense Basohli and the delicate and lyrical Kangra.

The basic sources of Krishnas mythology are the epic Mahabharata and its 5th-century- ce appendix the Harivamsha and the Puranas particularly Books X and XI of the Bhagavata-purana. The painting is done during the late eighteenth century. It is depicted in the sacred book of Hindu mythology named Bhagavata Purana c1780.

Kangra Style of Painting. Five Gopis have been shown around Krishna who is in the centre of the painting. Note the range of cows and frolicking calves that populate the flower-strewn field.

This textile was produced for the Festival of Cows Gopashtami that takes place in the late autumn to celebrate Krishnas elevation from a herder of calves to a cowherd. Opaque pigments and gold on paper folio 12 x 875 in. The materials used in this painting are the opaque watercolour and gold on paper.

29 x 21 cm in a dark purply-brown album page splashed with gold with a Persian quatrain on the verso Farrukhabad 1760-70. The women neatly stacked their clothes on a nearby tree and Krishnas crown and scarf rest by the bank. The paintings theme has been selected from Geet Govinda series.

The Gopis play a very significant role in the life and tales of Krishna. Krishna with Gopis painting full description pahari school painting description Krishna Gopis – YouTube. Krishna and the gopis.

The god has magically multiplied himself seven times so that each gopi believes he is dancing with her alone. It was painted in tempera water colour on paper. Hearing melodious sound of the flute played by Krishna the gopis leave their homes and husbands to meet Krishna on an autumnal night.

This lyrical painting from the hill state of Kangra shows Krishna surrounded by his adoring gopis or cow maidensWhenever the beautiful blue-skinned god played his flute shown in his left handthe gopis dropped everything and rushed to him. Five Gopis have been shown around Krishna who is in the center of the painting. 305 x 22 cm painting 115 x 825 in.

It was painted during 1730ADby the artist Manku. Here in this painting Gopis are searching for Krishna. During this period the Mughal Emperors have reduced the support to the artists.

Stealing of Gopis clothes by Krishna late eighteenth century Pahari painting in Kangra style. Demigod musicians in the four corners provide music for this feast of love while five gods acknowledging Krishnas preeminence. Though he asks them to return to their homes he relents when they.

Stealing of Gopis clothes by Krishna this Indian painting in the Kangra style depicts a scene described as Chira-harana or stealing of clothes from the Bhagavata Purana one of the most widely read of Indian puranasOne day when the gopis went to bathe in the river Yamuna the ever. Pahari painting style of miniature painting and book illustration that developed in the independent states of the Himalayan foothills in India. All the best Krishna And The Gopis Painting 31 collected on this page.

The circle is composed of seven gopis cow maidens and seven figures of Krishna.

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