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The movie which is presented in scope begins in animation Elmer Fudd. Theyre into Edvard Munchs The Scream before Fudd reacts and Daffys pixilated exiting from Georges Seurats A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Le Grande.

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Looney tunes back in action painting scene. Scooby-Doo 2002 Matthew Lillard who played Shaggy in the 2002 film is being scolded by the Cartoon version of Shaggy for making him look bad in the film version. A scene in the desert where Bugs and Daffy taunt DJ. The dramatic campfire scene was originally a bit longer delved deeper into s pain s reflections.

A brief scene where DJ. Say your prayers Rabbit. The real diamond in Looney Tunes.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Back in Action 2003 reunited Goldsmith with director Joe Dante Gremlins Innerspace Matinee for an insane musical journey befitting Warner Bros classic cartoon characters with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck starring in a. Klatretøsen 2002 Chase scene in Las Vegas is a shot-by-shot homage to the chase scene in this film.

Sam the sheepdog repeatedly pummels the Coyote in the background of a scene. Back In Action Votes. Be very very quiet.

Fudd jumps out and reveals that he was secretly a dark evil Acme Agent all along. And Daffy are running through the Vegas streets and Daffy momentarily gets distracted by some show girls. The final film score of Jerry Goldsmiths legendary career gets a long-awaited deluxe treatment.

But it wouldve thrown things too much into a lull. He tries to steal the card and they have a big chase through the paintings of the Art Gallery til Elmer turns into tiny art pigments after chasing them through a pigment-made painting and forgets to change back to his normal form when he comes out leaving Bugs just enough time to completely disintegrate him to smithereens using a fan before he can change back. Finding Nemo 2003 Bugs says Look I.

I am a duck bent on self-preservationum. With Brendan Fraser Jenna Elfman Steve Martin Heather Locklear. 6 years ago 204 views.

Daffy being thrown out of the WB studio lot along with DJ. Directed by Joe Dante Eric Goldberg. Back in Action is a scene set in the Louvre where Daffy and Bugs are chased by Elmer Fudd through a melting Dali painting which disables Fudds gun.

Agree that that would make for a nice cartoon all on its own providing they gave it a new introduction and some more painting gags. The Looney Tunes search for a mans. Browse more videos.

This is a transcript for Looney Tunes. The unmanned Batmobile crashes into the leg support of the WB water tower causing it to crash to the street and douse Kate and Bugs with tons of water. Deliverable via email in your choice of MP3 WAV or FLAC.

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