New Car Paint Feels Like Sandpaper

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You wouldnt be the first newbie to flinch at the idea. If you go haphazard this will get worse because you will damage your cars finishing.

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Heres how to fix a paint scratch on your car step by step.

New car paint feels like sandpaper. It is up to you. Hi i recently purchased a 1938 Austin seven the last owner had painted the car himself and it had cracks in the paint which were quite deep i have tried sanding down these but as soon as i put primer on it shows cracks again i tried washing degreasing but still re cracks. Because sometimes I see jumbo flakes and it feels like sandpaper.

They are somewhat like a high-tech version of Play-Doh. Then sand out some of the imperfections. Your finished paint job is going to feel like crap.

Once you have buffed it well you can move to a 1000 grit sanding paper and start buffing the same area in the same circular motions. Second you lubricate the finish with a spray lubricant like Meguiars Quik Detailer 3. Many detailing fanatics will use a clay-bar to remove surface contaminants before applying a protective coating wax or sealant over their paint.

Both are very similar sand grades but while 1200 is faster it might be harder to get rid the scratches it will make. Ad Search Buy Car Online New. There are two major reasons for this.

This video will show you how to wet sand and polish your vehicle after spray paintingHow To Wet Sand and Polish After Spray Painting CarPlease Shop and see. See all 9 photos The detail shop at Muscle Car Restorations uses Nikken wet sanding paper because of its uniform grit size and distribution and its ability to minimize tracers larger random. Youre going to have to flatten it out and may have to spray three more coats on top of that to fully bury it in to get a deep paint job look.

So I detailed a guys car today and it felt very rough to the touch. Make sure your clear coat has properly cured. They work in three easy steps.

Airborne contaminants will often settle on fresh paint and bond to the surface causing the paint to feel rough. A note before you start. This is painting out in the open.

Each went on in a kind of grainy way – like dry and feeling a bit like sandpaper to the touch when you run your hand over the surface. Nine layers of new paint. I have a 2006 Red Ford Escape.

This isnt the result of poor washing and can happen to any car no matter how well it is looked after. I picked up my Model S from the factory in Fremont last week. It depends on how bad the paint is.

At home I noticed certain parts of the car most notably the panel above the front left wheel had a rough texture sort of a gritty sandpaper-like feel. Sand with non-clogging 180- or 220-grit sandpaper or sanding sponges look for non-clogging or stearated on the label. I use 1500 most of the time in cases that need it.

I thought maybe it was the fact that it hadnt been clayed before so I clayed the crap out of the car and it softened some parts but still not perfect. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. The paint shines but when I run my hand across the finish it almost feels like sandpaper not abrasive but feels like the entire surface has very small bumps on it.

For the smoothest possible topcoat hand-sand the entire door after the primer and between coats of paint. Youre wet-sanding with 1500-grit which feels smoother than a sheet of construction paper. Even after being washed.

Third you then rub the clay bar back and forth across the paint somewhat like a bar of soap against your arm. For a more long-lasting treatment youre into the rabbit hole of the car detailing world. When most people wash their vehicles they expect the finish to be as smooth as glass.

Yours is not an uncommon problem. Using this sanding paper smooth the paint out in circular motion. You got so much flake in it.

First you mold the clay bar into a pancake-looking flat wafer 2. I chalked it up to caked on dirt. If the thought of taking sandpaper to your new paintwork seems scary fear not.

Nevertheless by following these steps you will take your paint job from impressive to spectacular. Ad Search Buy Car Online New. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

Like I say if you look at the paint from a distance or from even fairly closeit has a very nice shine but I cant stand the way it feels. In the sunlight the grainy new sprayed paint appeared more like a rough mat than paint. It may seem like a lot of work but it shouldnt take more than five minutes when the door is flat on the sawhorses.

However even after a thorough wash many car owners can still feel a rough or sandy finish. Be very careful to only buff the area of the new paint. Paint feels like sandpaper.

The first is tiny micro-particles of dirt and.

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