Opaque White Oil Paint

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Flexibility is a quality prized in a white oil paint as in the typical painting 50 90 of the paint on the surface contains white within the mix. The glass photo and video illustrates how the rigid surface really shows the mark transparent to opaque permanent rose cobalt blue gold titanium white the list of transparent and opaque oil pigments.

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Zinc white is the least opaque white making it an ideal choice for glazing and tints.

Opaque white oil paint. The higher the reducing power the lighter the value of the color white mixture tint. It has a lower tinting strength than titanium white and is great for lightening mixes without overpowering them. It can be used to paint over or block out segments of a work in progress.

When selecting white oil colors consider the reducing power of the white. Blocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light. The more opaque the white the higher it s tinting strength and the more it will reduce the color.

Titanium white and radiant white do this better than any of the lead whites the impressionists had to work with. Add a medium designed for the type of paint acrylic oil etc that you are working with until it is as transparent as you like. So a 1 inch layer of paint looks no different than 1 100th of an inch when using opaque paint.

In the case of a translucent layer of paint the light rays penetrate the paint layer much further often not stopping until they hit an opaque base layer underneath such as a white ground in which they then reflect back out. A rougher and more porous texture may require more paint and therefore appear less transparent. Opaque oil colors transparent oil colors whites whites lead white zinc white titanium white transparent white yellows yellows cadmium yellow all tones aureolin cobalt yellow naples yellow indian yellow yellow ochre transparent gold ochre jaune brilliant transparent oxide yellow nickel titanate yellow stil de grain jaune.

Mix it with an opaque paint such as titanium white or carbon black. Titanium white is the most opaque white. When applied straight from the tube it will allow some of the undertone to show through due to its transparency.

To make an opaque paint more transparent. To simulate the light of the world whether it is landscape still life or portraiture then opaque whites will support this direct painting style. Titanium white is one of the most opaque pigments.

As such opaque pigments let less light through and allow better coverage in oil painting. To make a transparent paint more opaque. Opaque is explained in the merriam webster dictionary as exhibiting opacity.

It reflects back 97 of the light that falls on it making it far brighter than lead white and also has the highest tinting strength of a white. If your goal is the same as the impressionists. If the white oil paint is inferior so is the entire paint film.

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