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Use larger sizes for thicker materials such as exterior latex and oil based paints. 400027 0686 40-0 9 413 5 7 2.

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The ES G100 and G200 gelcoat spray guns support a range of 08 71 mm tips.

Paint gun tip size chart. For spraying a whole car a 13mm tip is recommended. So this tip has an approximate 10 fan when the tip is 12 from the surface to be painted. A 17MM tip works well for sealer primers and is our second choice for deserted island painting.

September 11 2019 November 6 2020. Choosing the proper nozzle tip size for your high-volume low-pressure HVLP paint gun is absolutely critical for a quality paint job and there are several things to consider before you buy. Case in point a 317 tip and a 517 tip both have the same orifice size 17-thousandths of an inch.

Fan Width of a spray pattern is measured at 12 from the surface. The size of the airless spray tip you need depends on the type of paint you are spraying. For spraying clear coats on small parts and projects we recommend a 12mm tip.

Whether its primers basecoats or cl. Fits RAC 5 Guard aka RAC V and RAC IV too. The black RAC 5 tips come in the widest variety of sizes and are the most common as they were standard equipment on Graco sprayers for many years.

300024 0610 30-074 30-094 30-104 30-114 30-134 30-154 30-174 30-194. The Bottom Paint Store distributes ES Manufacturing Gelcoat Spray Guns. The larger the size of the tip hole the faster the material leaves the gun.

Sizes for spraying lacquers to mastics and everything in-between. If you multiply it by 2 the result is the approximate fan size when the tip is about 12 from the surface being sprayed. All blue numbers are active links.

The last two digits are the orifice size in thousands. Choosing the right spray tip is essential for ensuring a quality finish — no matter which coating material is being. In this video Kevin Tetz covers the basics of choosing the right needles and nozzles to use with your HVLP paint gun.

Its the combination of fan-width and orifice-size that determines how thick of a coating youll spray. The equipment is simple but the paint-holding capacity of the gun is limited to the cup size rarely more than one quart. Depending upon the process some guns are better suited than others.

Pressure fed guns can achieve the highest fluid flows. Paint flows by gravity to the gun. Heres what Kevin Tetz and Eastwood recommends for the Concourse HVLP gun.

Some more experienced painters will use a larger tip like this but it takes some expertise in mixing and gun setup to avoid runs and thick coatings of clear. Cup guns use this technique. Most spray gun manufacturers will provide this information in their product overview.

Deltron Products LPH SERIES AZ3HV HVLP SPRAY GUN NOZZLE RECOMMENDATIONS LPH400LV LPH100LPH300LV AZ3HV Primers DX1791 Nozzle Size 13 MM 12-14 MM DPX170171 Air Pressure 16 PSI 14 PSI DP LF Air Comsumption 95 CFM 71 CFM Primer Surfacers. SAMES KREMLIN is a manufacture of guns and paint sprayer tip since 1925. 60600031 0787 – 10 4603 5 7 9 2.

They are the 1 selling airless tip on the market. 18-19MM- Now were up to the big-boy tips. So this tip has a 015 fifteen-thousandths opening for the paint to go through.

286 and tip size – 286xxx such as 286415. Selecting the Proper Nozzle Tip. As a general guide these are the recommended airless tip sizes.

See Table 1 on page 6 for a guide to which tip you need. The choice of the tip is based on the desired flow rate in order to achieve a good finish and reduce paint costs. A 313 tip sprays faster than a 411 tip.

The ES G830 gun will support a range of 08 20 mm. Usually the instructions that come with the gun will have a handy spray gun tip size chart too. The paint is pumped to the gun.

But some spray gun manufacturers go against this rule and go up in size so be sure to refer to the gun manufacturers recommendation as well as to the recommendation from the paint company. Paint Gun Tip Size Chart. For a tip with a 015 orifice and a 10-12 fan pattern order 632515.

We offer a great number of sprayer models with a selection of tip sizing to evenly paint any part surface interior or exterior part areas walls and always apply the right amount of product for a cleaner environment. In general thicker materials require larger. When sizing tips it is important to know the fan width and the flow rate of the paint you want to apply.

But the 517 tip sprays a 10-inch-wide fan while the 317 sprays a 6-inch-wide fan. These guns are used for production work. The larger the hole in the Fluid Nozzle the larger the fluid flow.

In this video we answer viewer questions about what spray gun tip or air cap set to use when spraying paint with a High Volume Low Pressure HVLP spray gun. Suction feed guns have the lowest fluid delivery Gravity guns can achieve slightly higher. 450029 0737 45- 10 43 5 7 9 2.

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