Paint Protection For Cars Is It Worth It

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Paint protection for cars is it worth it. This is usually the style of paint protection the dealership will offer you with claims it is scratch resistant and will last a lifetime. Paint protection film is a polyurethane film that is placed over the cars body panels in order to protect them from scratches UV rays rock chips and other road debris. Ad Shop Devices Apparel Books Music More.

The so-called paint protection offered by dealers is just a scam. However it isnt really intended to enhance the luster of a paint job either nor is it very good at keeping vehicle surfaces clean. They will have plenty of profit margin to eat into so try and get them to do that.

Rustproofing and paint protection Rustproofing and paint protection raise the question. Unfortunately the dealership paint protection doesnt live up to the promise. Have you ever seen or heard of a clear bra.

With incorrect prep work and untrained applicators the end result is not worth it said Damon Lawrence from Auto Attention. Its like a bulletproof vest for paint. You may be offered paint protection when youre buying a new car.

Free Shipping on Qualified Orders. Paint protection although often fairly complex in its application and product selection is actually a simple service with very little complexity involved at all. As such this film is an excellent tool for preserving the value of your car and the shine and integrity of its paint.

While paint protection film is not a silver bullet for all of the roads many hazards it provides an added layer of protection against the irritating dings that drive us all a little crazy. You dont need it – absolutely not. It wont work as well or last as long as clear paint protection film but its far less expensive.

The cost to respray a cars paint work or fix small imperfections is very high running into the tens of thousands of dollars in some cases so for a minimal outlay of up to 2000 it seems prevention is a far better option than cure. Paint protection film is one of the best ways to protect your cars finish whether its brand new or youve just repainted your vehicle. This doesnt mean that coatings are useless and a waste of money but by understanding how they work and setting realistic expectations you can decide whether this type of paint protection will suit your needs.

Its unnecessary and also of dubious value. Isnt the car already rustproofed. It sounds too good to be true and it is.

Paint protection films or PPF are an outstanding way to shield a vehicles surfaces from damage caused by the worlds most abrasive debris. Paint protection can help keep your car looking shiny and even help improve resistance to stone chips and scratches. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

It is important to remember that paint protection and even car cleaning in general can do far more damage than good when done incorrectly Is car dealer paint protection worth it. Paint protection helps preserve their fleets worth and adds value as they go to sell or changeover and it can do the same for you. The big question most people face is.

Theres no easy answer because it all depends on you – if you want the peace of mind that it offers. Yes it is worth considering because of the money it can potentially save you down the road. Ill most likely use it on my next car too.

If your car is protected you wont have to worry about getting it painted before you resell it. Its not even the best way to care for your cars paint its a compromise that works really well for some people. Modern cars have a rock-hard clear coat of paint over the colour coat.

Its worth having if its being given away as part of the deal but it needs to be applied correctly to work well preferably by a professional valeter. Alternatively you could look at paint protection as something else to bargain over. Is paint protection worth it.

New cars are treated at the factory and any rust problems should be covered by the warranty. Parting Shots and a Verdict on Paint Protection Film. I personally got my current and previous cars coated with ceramic paint protection by a detailer.

However if you want the peace of mind of a ceramic paint coating get it applied by an authorised installer rather than a dealership car washer. Yes its worth having but probably not at the full price the dealer is trying to charge. The answer is yes.

Before we do lets answer the question. We explain what it is and if its worth buying. Is car paint protection worth it.

Welcome to the very first episode of a brand new series called What the FAQ – inspired by Brian who writes thusI recently bought a Sportage via your fleet. Is car paint protection worth it. Paint protection costs a fair bit of money and its not for everyone.

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