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Fits Fine Finish Flat Tip Guard only. 163 and tip size – 163xxx such as 163410 Orifice size – inches thousandths.

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So this tip has a 015 fifteen-thousandths opening for the paint to go through.

Paint sprayer tip size guide. Tip Size Chart Spray Gun Filter Chart Manuals. The 14mm tip is perfect for base coats and metallic as the droplet size allows the particles to self-orient to eliminate streaking and mottling. 025 035 Smooth Elastomertic.

An airless sprayer pumps and pressurises the paint without the use of air. The last two digits are the orifice size in thousands. The material being used will determine which ones to use.

The size of the airless spray tip you need depends on the type of paint you are spraying. What size spray tip do I need. 015 019 Heavy Latex.

025 Understanding the Different Tip Sizes. Recommended airless paint sprayer tips. Depending upon the process some guns are.

Flow Rate inches 1-2 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12. With Airless spraying the choice of nozzle size and gun filter are important. Its the combination of fan-width and orifice-size that determines how thick of a coating youll spray.

Most painters will stay in the range of 12 to 20 mm unless the paint being applied is specialized. Welcome to Paint Sprayer Guide Im Charles Ritchie and its my job to help give you the best paint sprayer reviews for DIY spray guns professional commercial sprayers and all the other spraying equipment you may need regardless of whether youre a beginner or a pro. Tip 2 Choose your tip and filter size.

The above chart is based solely upon the theoretical Fluid Nozzle diameter needed for an average coating fluid type 15 to 25 seconds. Different tip sizes will output more or less paint in a a variety of spray fan widths. The spray pattern size and shape is a result of the influence.

These are a fine-finish version of the spray tips above and are made for finish work such as cabinetry woodwork metal. 025 Elastomeric Block Filler. For more information on tip sizes please see the tip sizing chart on the specific product page.

See chart below The next thing to consider is your project surface area. The first digit is half of the fan width the 5 in 517 equals a 10 inch spray fan width 5 x 2 10 The last two digits are the size of the tip opening in thousandths of an inch the 17 in 517 means the tip hole size is 017 inch. When sizing tips it is important to know the fan width and the flow rate of the paint you want to apply.

The first number has to do with the width of the spraying fan and the last 2 digits refer to the size of the hole or orifice the paint sprays through. Simple tips on the proper size to paint the inside or outside. If you multiply it by 2 the result is the approximate fan size when the tip is about 12 from the surface being sprayed.

Free Domestic Shipping on all Orders over 49. The nozzle angle determines the width of the spray jet. For example primers are usually thicker than the accompanying paint so you should use a 17 or 18 mm tip to prime most surfaces.

For spraying a whole car a 13mm tip is recommended. The paint is then forced to go through the small hole of the tip under high pressure up to 350 bar. For spraying clear coats on small parts and projects we recommend a 12mm tip.

Taking our 0808 gallons per nozzle rate and using the Teejet sizing chart for this model of spray tip we scroll down the Capacity in One Nozzle column to the nozzle size most closely matching our desired specifications. As a general guide these are the recommended airless tip sizes. 12-13MM- These nozzle and tip combinations are the most fine and therefore work well for thinner coatings.

Deltron Products LPH SERIES AZ3HV HVLP SPRAY GUN NOZZLE RECOMMENDATIONS LPH400LV LPH100LPH300LV AZ3HV Primers DX1791 Nozzle Size 13 MM 12-14 MM DPX170171 Air Pressure 16 PSI 14 PSI DP LF Air Comsumption 95 CFM 71 CFM Primer Surfacers. The right choice is crucial for a perfect spray result. Below we give a list of the common size spray tips and whenwhere to use them.

It is important to match an apropriate tip size to the type of coating being sprayed. Let me start off by saying there is a HUGE difference between all the various types of paint sprayers and if you buy. 009 -013 Oil Based Paint.

013 015 Latex Paint. Case in point a 317 tip and a 517 tip both have the same orifice size 17-thousandths of an inch. But the 517 tip sprays a 10-inch-wide fan while the 317 sprays a 6-inch-wide fan.

Lets also say that we want a course droplet size and are looking to use a Turbo Teejet wide-angle spray tip. These smaller sized tips are most commonly used with clear coats and final top coats. Guide to which tip you need.

The bore diameter of a nozzle controls the paint flow rate. Airless paint spray tips are sized using a 3 digit number such as 515. What size airless sprayer tip to use to paint a house.

This process atomises the paint in a controlled fan width and flow rate same effect as placing your thumb on the end of a garden hose. So this tip has an approximate 10 fan when the tip is 12 from the surface to be painted.

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