Pressure Washing To Remove Paint From Stucco

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This Simpson power washer has a max capacity of 4200 PSI which is phenomenal and will actually take off most stucco so you do need to be careful when using it but if you are using the right type of nozzle and are the proper distance away from the wall it can be extremely effective and cut the time down it takes to clean stucco walls that are very dirty. Use a dabbing motion to avoid damaging the stucco finish.

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The point in your case is that anything close enough and powerful enough to take off paint will also take off stucco.

Pressure washing to remove paint from stucco. Start from the same point you did when applying detergent then work your way in the same direction. To protect the texture when you clean the stucco use a low-pressure spray tip hold the spray gun or wand so that the spray hits the stucco at a 45. Use the clean cloth or paintbrush to go over the paint-covered stucco.

Thus you want to find a pressure washer that is up to the task. By setting the power of the pressure washer to between 800 and 1200 pounds per square inch setting it at a range of 3-feet wide and using only cold water you can expect good results to. To properly strip old paint you will need a pressure washer with a psi of 2000 or higher.

As the leading local stucco restoration company our team at Ai Restoration has had to remediate and restore countless stucco homes suffering from mold rot and structural damage that occurred as a result of pressure washing. You should NEVER pressure wash your stucco. By the way if you do go the route of applying chemicals rather than pressure you still might want a pressure washer.

No matter how many DIY blogs may say its safe we cannot disagree more strongly. Because of the delicate nature of stucco you need to always hold the spray nozzle a minimum of 24 inches away from the surface. Removing exterior paint requires a stronger stream of pressure than soft washing jobs such as cleaning a roof.

I spoke with a contractor who said the best option is to remove the paint and apply a thin layer of fresh stucco to get a desired color and not to repaint it again. Rinse the detergent away working in sections and moving from the top down. Keep the tip of the pressure washer about 2 to 2 ½ feet away from the wall and hold the wand so that the water stream is angled hitting the stucco at around a 45 degree angle to avoid damage.

It doesnt really work. If youre removing some paint and you move the nozzle any closer youll bore right through the color coat. For the pockmarked stucco primer is not material you want.

When rinsing always make sure you are using a low-pressure spray pattern and hit the wall at a 45-degree angle. Work around your windows as a pressure washer may damage them. When removing dust grime and other residue you can use a rotating scrub brush to loosen it before spraying with clean water using the pressure cleaner.

Use High pressure washers from 1200 psi to around 2000 psi to clean surfaces before painting but dont expect them to remove much paint. The paint is peeling off of the stucco. The power of the water can cause even more damage especially to the softer and thinner areas of stucco.

ILikeDirt Feb 2 15 at 349. The effect of a 4000 psi machine and a 1500 psi machine can be exactly the same. Unless you have an option to lower the setting skip the power washing method and use your garden hose.

Pressure Washing Process Here are the steps to follow to clean stucco efficiently and thoroughly. I tried that. Anything powerful enough to remove paint is aaaaalmost powerful enough to remove the stucco too.

Pressure wash to remove paint from stucco I have a stucco house that was built in 1930. A good power washing some caulk in the cracks and two coats of an elastomeric top coat. You can also combine the brush with a detergent dispenser that soaps the area as you go along.

However average power washers are not recommended for cleaning stucco.

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