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But today we want to explore the differences between milk paint. After you seal the chalk paint with wax or a top coat you can achieve a shinier finish but it doesnt ever look glossy.

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A lot of people are but I just wouldnt.

Rustoleum milk paint vs chalk paint. Most often sold in powder form milk paint tends to cost less than chalk paint but it must be manually mixed with water before application lending it an overall thinner texture. When testing the Rust-Oleum Milk Paint left. If you had a piece with a great grain that you wanted to peek through the paint Milk paint would be your best choice.

My personal feeling is chalk paint is more work than milk paint. The main ingredients in milk paint. How it holds up for the long haul in a place like the kitchen that gets used abused and requires frequent wiping of spills has not been proven to.

I know you like trying different brands so this is one you should try out. The kitchen table above is my chalk painted dining room table that Im still super pleased with. After painting the first coat with both paints Id say the milk paint is more lightweight while the chalked paint is a heavier paint.

The milk paint seemed to soak into the wood almost like a stain would while the chalked paint seemed like to sit more on top of the wood. For example chalk paint has a matte appearance. General Finishes Milk Paint dries down also to a matte finish but is not nearly as smooth as Rustoleum.

We love using mineral paint for reasons you can read about here. Apparently milk paint has been around for hundreds of years and is making a huge comeback because it is natural and eco-friendly. The only downside is that it will require a good chalk paint wax or top coat for a lot of use.

Rustoleum Chalked Paint dries down to a completely matte finish and is very smooth and wipeable. I noticed right away that the Annie Sloan chalk paint has a much thicker consistency while the Rust-Oleum paint reminded me of normal latex paint. Milk paint is my go-to paint for that chippy look.

The furniture or any other object covered in chalk paint will look more opaque than usual. I found that one coat is more transparent than the Chalk Paint right. Annie Sloan which is the OG chalk paint developer produces a slightly thicker consistency while Rust-Oleum tends to be a bit thinner.

Another massive difference between chalk paint vs regular paint for furniture is they leave widely different looks. It also gives a better coverage and more even toned look. I have used Chalk Paint a few times but when I saw Rust-Oleum had a Milk Paint I wanted to try them both out to see the difference.

Rust-Oleum tends to distress slightly easier. As I was walking through Lowes looking for sand paper to prep my solid wood coffee table for a little DIY refinishing work I stumbled upon a cute jar of Rustoleums Milk Paint. Again no prep water based no odor and made in USA.

I thought some of you may have the same question so lets break it down. In terms of how they look both work well when you want rustic results though milk paints retain brushstrokes for more flexibility in creative effects. Milk paints lumpiness is due to pigments that have failed to break up with mixing.

If a very low-level sheen is desired milk paints matte finish tends to have slightly more of a native sheen than chalk paints matte finish. Depending on the specific details of your project consider this before you buy. Easy Homemade Milk Paint Recipe.

Between the two I felt like the Rust-Oleum paint was easier to work with and easier to apply due to the fact that it isnt as thick. 1 liter 105 quarts Cheaper chalk paints include homemade chalk paint or you can get some of the newer versions on the market like Rustoleum chalk paint that has the same finish but not the cost. Milk paint lets you create your own unique color by mixing dry pigments into the liquid base paint.

The Linen White shade is a very true white that does not look dingy. Environmentally friendly ingredients make both paints safe to use indoors but low amounts of VOCs in chalk paint formulations make milk paints the. How to choose the right paint for your next furniture painting project There are many different types of furniture paint on the market.

Ive heard of chalk paint as its the paint of choice for all Pinterest worthy DIY projects but what is milk paint. Before you seal it chalk paint has an almost chalky feeling to it. Chalk Paints as Annie Sloan Brand Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Renaissance Brand.

The Snow White shade is also a very white white. And it has a more textured brushed effect. For kitchen cabinets I personally would never consider using chalk paint or milk paint.

Ranking Factors for chalk paint vs milk paint. Milk paint you dont have to sand between coats but chalk paint you do. Milk paint you do not have to put a top coat on but chalk paint you have to.

Milk paint is also has a very flat or matte finish. Chalk paint is probably one of the best known there are others you might want to consider such as mineral paint or milk paint. There is so much that can be said about the chalk paints that will make you see why they can match the milk paints in terms of quality and what you get at the end of the day.

You can find a recipe for homemade milk paint here. Sheen Chalk paint has a VERY dull flat or matte finish you choose the adjective.

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