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Marcil Claude Oak Island. It exists in two versions.

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They took a few pictures at my request thinking people on the forum might be interested given the connections that have been made with the Poussin painting the relief is based upon Rennes le Chateau and inevitably Oak Island.

Shepherds of arcadia painting oak island. Last week my parents went on holiday and en route stopped by Shugborough Hall home to the mysterious Shepherd monument. Bring museum quality art into your home or office decor with a canvas print that will never warp or sag. The Mysteries of Stirling Castle Rennes le Chateau.

The Shepherds of Arcadia Solution. Have proposed that the 17th-century Nicolas Poussin painting The Shepherds of Arcadia holds a significant clue. The subject of The Arcadian Shepherds as such was rare and esoteric but at least one important painting preceded Poussins masterpiece.

Guercino Et in Arcadia Ego. Of the Academy of Arcadia in Rome in 1690 also having an impact on our understanding of how the famous Poussin painting The Shepherds of Arcadia has also been associated. The New World Acadia was settled by shepherds and they intermarried with native people called the Mikmaq.

THE PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF ARCADIA. The Louvre Museum Paris The painting by Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665 The shepherds of Arcadia is unlikely to attract your attention in the Louvre as it is. In the premiere episode of the seventh season some significant revelations came out.

Here again is the specter of Arcas and Pole Star and. This Italian Baroque artist a student of the Bolognese master Annibale Carracci painted a version of Et in Arcadia Ego that most likely inspired the young Poussin after. The True Story of Oak Island and Arcadia.

AND I IN ARCADIA. Many have theorized that this location was the model or scene portrayed in Nicolas Poussins painting The Shepherds of Arcadia Well known author Henry Lincoln even supposed that geometry present in the Poussin painting was present in the landscape around Rennes le Chateau thus forming a giant pentagram in the landscape in that area. Rick Lagina teases discoveries a clue in The Shepherds of Arcadia painting and more.

It depicts a pastoral scene with idealized shepherds from classical antiquity and a woman possibly a shepherdess gathered around an austere tomb. There has been a great deal of speculation including mine about the relationship of the theme of Arcadia and the Oak Island phenomena. By Cort Lindahl.

The official version interpretation of the painting is shepherds stumble on a tomb of an ancient Arcadian who died long ago. Poussin paints The Shepherds of Arcadia II for Giulio Rospigliosi future Pope Clement IX this painting repaints the previous scenes and uses a pentagram WHY A PENTAGRAM for lining up shepherds and this image is overlaid on swamp image and when combined with a megalithic formation Nolans Cross points to area of possible treasure. Available on the Web at The authors site.

However if you know the paintings plot it becomes almost the most interesting one among all the paintings in the world. ET IN ARCADIA EGO. Of course anyone with knowledge of the Oak Island.

If there are such things as constants in the enduring Priory of Sion Rennes-le-Chateau and post 1307 Knights Templar mysteries Nicholas Poussins painting The Shepherds of Arcadia also known in French as Les Bergers dArcadie or by the Latin inscription featured in the painting Et in Arcadia Ego would be at the head of the listThe Shepherds of Arcadia due to works like Holy. The painting has become a key ingredient in the enigma of the so-called Priory of Sion because a code indicates that Poussin has the key. The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7.

The Shepherds of Arcadia Solution. LIle du Tresor ISBN 2920176625. OConnor DArcy The Money Pit.

Et in Arcadia ego also known as Les bergers dArcadie or The Arcadian Shepherds is a 163738 painting by Nicolas Poussin 15941665 the leading painter of the classical French Baroque style. A history and inquiry into the origin of the money pit TP. The Shepherds of Arcadia is a painting from the hand of the French painter Nicolas Poussin.

The Oak Island enigma. Translated from the Latin this strange inscription ET IN ARCADIA EGO reads. According to that theorists from the Netherlands and the US.

The Story of Oak Island Coward and McCann Geoghegan New York 1978. Arcadia is also Jason and The Argonautscountry as well as the country of the Golden Fleece. The Shepherds of Arcadia First version 1628-1630.

Each canvas print is 125 deep with a hard sealed finish back and pre-installed hanging hardware so its designed to hang tough and is super easy to display. It introduced the mysterious phrase of Et in Arcadia Ego and is one of the much talked about paintings involving the Rennes le. FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Our interest is in the second version now on display in the Louvre. The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Premiere Tuesday November 5 98c History. Unless you adore Poussin.

Arcadia is dear to Nicolas Poussin Arcadia lies in the very heart of his famous painting The Shepherds of Arcadia by means of a mysterious message. Poussins painting of The Shepherds of Arcadia that is central to the themes of Rennes le Chateau and the Shepherds monument is displayed in the portion of the Louvre Museum that is situated on the famous Paris Meridian. The stone monument contains a scene where a group of shepherds are pointing to a short Latin inscription that is contained on a mysterious tomb as follows.

Between the years of 1618 and 1622 Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino created the work of art known as The Arcadian Shepherds.

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