Spackle For Cooler Painting

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Your options are endless. Igloo s logo is indented in the cooler so fill it with spackle and smooth it over.

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Take your spackle and go over any indents example.

Spackle for cooler painting. Once you paint one cooler you ll want to paint another. 1 26 4qt paintable cooler. Everything you need to paint your own custom cooler.

1 8oz varnify glue finish sealer. Pick and prime a cooler. Cooler painting is quite an undertaking but a fun undertaking.

I asked my date if he wouldn t mind a smaller one. It s a filler designed for cars so it s a bit more effective than the more common choice of spackle. Coolersbyu 26 4qt paintable cooler no priming no sanding no spackle required or necessary.

Today i thought i would share the tips i have for. Unlike the larger coolers most girls paint i decided on this 9qt by igloo. Cooler painting is an extremely labor intensive art that you should not go into blindly.

Mine is from sarah and virginia on etsy and made getting this cooler done so much easier as i could focus on the designs and painting instead of sanding and spackling. You need to make your cooler as smoother as possible. Some pros fill in the igloo symbol or other indentions with spackling or a similar filler but in my experience this can be a toss up.

If you read all the tips and still feel like it is too daunting of a task maybe you should just pay someone. It s quick drying and goes on pink if that wasn t convincing enough then dries white. However major warning do this step outside.

The good news is there is no limit to cooler painting. I don t care if you re in a dorm room and don t want to drag the cooler down a ton of stairs. This year i was able to knock out my cooler a lot quicker thanks to one little trick a pre sanded and pre primed cooler.

However if your cooler of choice has some indents in it fill them in with bondo. 1 12pc acrylic paint set. Spackle and primer after you sand you re going to want to spackle in the ridges in the cooler.

I didn t really want to paint over this and just leave it so i took spackle doesn t really matter what kind you can get any at home depot or walmart and with a spackle knife filled in the logo. It s around 6 and you have more than enough for additional coolers down the road. And another and another.

The complete cooler painting kit. 1 6pc acrylic paint brush collection. See how i did it below.

Your best bet is a cooler with minimal indentions and always avoid the coolers with the ribbing trust me you will come to curse that igloo symbol enough. Anyway this was my first time ever painting a cooler so i was kinda nervous but with some help from the the cooler connection i think it turned out pretty well. Here are my tips and tricks to successfully painting an awesome cooler that will last years.

You can make your cooler as special and meaningful as you like especially if it s meant as a gift. Spackle over logo on the front of the cooler there is usually an indented logo of the cooler brand. Let the spackle dry completely usually takes about 24 hours.

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