Your container preferably a mixing pail should therefore be half paint and half thinner. Durability is also better with two […]

It adds protection and durability while enhancing colour. The best choice topcoat for Rust-Oleum chalked spray paint is wax. Rust […]

It is also great at removing paint and just about any other coating. Powder coating is baked on and cures […]

Rust-Oleum 331052 Milk Paint Finish Quart Eclipse. Clean up is easy with soap and warm water. Fusion Mineral Paint Tough […]

We have learned from experience to only use the toughest enamels on these surfaces. Its the best kitchen cabinet paint […]

Apply Exterior Wall Primer. All the paint companies have unique products which make them different from its competitors. 58xcar 10h […]

The challenge with adhesion when painting over powder coating is that powder coating can often create a very flat smooth […]