Dry the painting with another bit of cotton wool. Keep the work to be varnished flat on a table or […]

I would suggest using some kind of varnish or clear coat. Turn your denim jeans or jacket inside out and […]

To paint stripes chevrons or straight-sided geometric shapes on burlap apply strips of painters tape as boundaries for each stripe […]

If condensation forms protect the concrete from dampness with a masonry sealer before painting. This will help the paint to […]

Supplies for Painted Wood Coasters. This will provide a smooth finish when the sealant is dry. A Set Of 6 […]

Water based deck stains do not hold up on horizontal surfaces with foot traffic and require stripping the deck before […]

Please apply a thick layer of the sealer. Sealing diamond painting with a mod podge is an easy task. How […]

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