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The short answer is its applied directly to the color. Is it worth it.

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My wifes 4Runner had the Paint Protection Film a huge rock flew off a truck bed and hit the hood and put a dent on it right where the Paint Protection Film was.

Toyota paint protection film worth it. He told me that it will cost me 1150 for full coverage hood front bumper headlights mirrors and door cups. Stream Or Watch Offline. The 3M Scotchgard is not co-extruded which means you get more protection – a good idea if your roads are saltedgraveled in the winter.

In the south the full bra and hood protector are worth it just for protection from love bugs. I paid 850 for my Paint Protection film which includes. For Front Bumper it costs more around 500 only for film which excludes labor and tax.

The Paint Protection Film can be done elsewhere. – 12 Hood – 12 Fenders – Complete Front Bumper – Mirrors – Headlights – A-pillars. How effective is the Toyota clear plastic film paint protector.

Discussion in 5th Gen 4Runners 2010. Clear Pain Protectin is some film they put over the paint to protect the paint itself. The dealer wants 400 before tax to apply it to my hood.

For what its worth. Companies like 3M still sell these wraps which will do a good job of preventing light damage and are fairly cheap. If you are paying MSRP you should be able to negotiate that at no charge along with a few other items like all season mats locking lug nuts and what ever else you want to negotiate for.

Just as a comparison. 599month After Trial Period. The paint protection has not faded discolored and looks as good and clear as the day installed.

They know it will not be applied to the entire vehicle. Its worth having if its being given away as part of the deal but it needs to be applied correctly to work well preferably by a professional valeter. While paint protection film is not a silver bullet for all of the roads many hazards it provides an added layer of protection against the irritating dings that drive us all a little crazy.

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Most brand name PPF paint protection film does not have UV protection for this reason. The other thing you can do is do not tail gate this is how you get stone chips. Genuine Toyota paint protection film helps protect the paint finish from chips and scratches.

Multiple film layers of durable nearly invisible urethane help provide protection and resist discoloration. Paint protection can also be applied to second-hand used cars though often these vehicles will need to have a professional detailer to a full paint. Start Your 30 Day Free Trial.

It will also protect against smaller stone hits and such. Now Id be surprised if it will help that much. In the promotional video they had some kid throw a baseball and it accidentally hit an area that had this protection on it claiming the protection would help with that.

It goes on the raw paint so it can bond to the paint for longer. Paint protection film option on new 4runner. Basically it will make washing the car easier vastly reduce swirling and small scratches and reduce harm from things like bird crap.

So for me yes its been worth it especially if. Yup I agree no matter how much paint protection you put on your vehicle it will eventually get some kind of scratch or ding either on the highway or off road. Tacomas 2016 started by.

There is no wax polish or other substances under the protection. IMO its well worth it for good paint protection. Posted 2018-Jun-14 240 pm AEST.

Im considering purchasing 3M paint protection film for my new Toyota Venza. Discussion in 3rd Gen. The self healing films are co-extruded.

As such this film is an excellent tool for preserving the value of your car and the shine and integrity of its paint. Designed for specific sections of the vehicle that are most prone to chipping. Better quality for slightly higher price 500 as it includes the front hood fenders door edges door handle cups and side mirror backs.

Clear Paint ProtectionHood – 399. That means there is a protection layer and a self healing layer which in turn means that you have less protection. This video shows what Paint Protection Film is how it is applied to your vehicle and all the benefits that come along with it.

Doing this allows for faster installation by less skilled workers almost no need for trimming by hand but the whole point of PPF is to protect the paint and leading edges on the hood are very prone to chips. 599month After Trial Period. These dealer installed PPF are about maximizing margins so they use lesser quality precut films that leave leading edges exposed.

Parting Shots and a Verdict on Paint Protection Film Paint protection films or PPF are an outstanding way to shield a vehicles surfaces from damage caused by the worlds most abrasive debris. It wont work as well or last as long as clear paint protection film but its far less expensive. Probably should get the A pillars and mirrors covered also.

Most paint protection products will spray on as a liquid and dry clear although some products in the past featured a clear plastic film applied to at-risk parts of the car to prevent stone chips or scratches from road grime. Here I also talked with a 3M Certified installer for Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series. Definitely worth while as it does protect from rock chips.

However it isnt really intended to enhance the luster of a paint job either nor is it very good at keeping vehicle surfaces clean. I like the idea of the clear film to protect the paint but it. But it means the paint will fade unevenly on the car.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial.

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