Type Of Paint To Use On Terracotta Pots

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For this project Ill be painting terracotta pots with acrylic craft paint. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches 1524 to.

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This painting technique will make it.

Type of paint to use on terracotta pots. Place a bowl of water filled half way and a towel nearby to absorb water Set up the terra cotta pot upside down to make it more stable. I love that they are durable affordable and it just so happens that they are the perfect blank canvas for painting. The most commonly used type of paint is acrylic paint.

When planting always use a premium quality tub and terracotta potting mix. If you have a specific color in mind the paint store will mix a custom color for you. Using latex paint intended for outdoor use can help ensure that your artwork stays in place no matter the weather.

Spray paint will stand up well as well as acrylic. More at the end of this post on the best paint for terracotta pots. Latex paint also comes in a spray form which makes it possible to give your pot several coats more quickly.

If you find that your chalk paint is too thick dilute it with a few drops of water to create a better consistency. So go with the type of paint you prefer to use or use whatever you have on hand. You can either seal the inside or the outside of the pot.

To paint a terracotta pot to look old you should use matte paint. Use acrylic paint a plastic-based paint that wont wash out of clothes but also wont flake off of a flower pot. Latex paint cleans up with water and comes in a range of quantities.

We opted to only paint the exterior of the flower pots and left the inside unpainted. Terracotta pots are a great option for using as containers for plants of all types. But I have used spray paint for clay pots before too and it works just as well.

Clean dry terracotta pots DecoArt acrylic paints I used Hauser Dark Green Dove Grey and a white color. Most spray paints especially the acrylic kind also work well for painting terracotta as they are often formulated to adhere to a variety of surfaces. When painting your pot with acrylic paint you want to start with the base coat and let it dry.

Which paint to use on pots. What kind of paint do you use on terracotta pots. Use a painters brush to apply an even coat of chalk paint to the terracotta pot.

Use an exterior high gloss paint to decorate your clay pots. Think about the old pots. You can also try painting your terracotta pots with latex paint.

Like acrylic latex paint is available in a nearly endless variety of colors and finishes. Cover your work area since acrylic paint is almost impossible to remove from some surfaces. Acrylic paint comes in many colors making it popular for this type of craft.

Note that if you use this paint you will also want to seal the pot inside and out so that the moisture wont cause the paint to peel on the outside. Terra-cotta pots are about as classic as it gets. Exterior house paint is formulated to withstand the weather and works on terra cotta as well as on siding.

Glossy paint or satin paint will be too shiny and will not give an authentically-aged look. In my experience acrylic and spray paint are both paints suitable for terracotta pots. Chalk Paint Monarch Terracotta Orange Color Chalk Paint Red Optional to adjust color.

These pretty DIY geometric painted terracotta pots are an easy fun project that requires just a minimal investment of supplies and time. You shouldnt need a sealant with either. If you wish to paint some designs and have the raw terracotta still visible then coat the pot with some matte acrylic spray sealer instead.

While they look great on their own sometimes its fun to dress them up with a splash of color. Latex paint is typically used for painting houses both indoors and out. When painting your terracotta pots you can use different types of paint.

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