What Is The Best Paint To Use On Clay Pots

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Ive been painting clay with acrylic paints for many years. But I have used spray paint for clay pots before too and it works just as well.

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But since the kids do love chalk paint so much let them join in on the fun and they can write their names or fun messages on the pots.

What is the best paint to use on clay pots. For painted flower pots that will be used inside use any of our premium-quality acrylic paintsFolkArt Acrylics Delta Ceramcoat or Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint. But you can buy it online for bigger bottles and hundreds of colors. Masonry paint works the best but there are fewer colours – more than there used to be though and you can get sample pots.

Use an exterior high gloss paint to decorate your clay pots. You can use any color you want but contrasting colors or metallic colors work best. And heres how to paint a glazed clay pot Step 1.

You can use an acrylic paint to seal the clay pot if you plan on using the pot for decorative art. Followed by polyurethane either sprayed on or brushed on. Ive used ordinary emulsion with a layer of PVA glue on first to seal the terracotta but it does wear off after a few years with exposure to lots of rain.

Ben Franklin Crafts recommends an Americana or Ceramcoat acrylic paint. Tips for Painting on Clay Flower Pots. To paint clay pots start by sanding the surface then wash the pot and let it dry completely.

Then apply a coat of acrylic paint. Fine grit sand paper I used 220 grit paint I used DecoArts Patio Paint made for outdoor use so its water-resistant and perfect for flower pots stencil I used a Patio Paint stencil made by DecoArt foam brushesdaubers. Paint over the stencil using acrylic paint or spray paint then remove the stencil.

Next apply a waterproof sealer to the exterior followed by a coat of all-purpose primer. You can also use bake-on ceramic paints that are great if you want to create a glossy texture to this type of paint. What kind of paint do you use on terracotta pots.

It is sold at places like Wal-mart Michaels etc. Use chalk paint on clay pots to be able to mark the pots with certain flower names or herbs to create an herb garden. In my experience acrylic and spray paint are both paints suitable for terracotta pots.

The only time you can use this type of paint to seal the clay pot is if it will not be exposed to any water. Moisture will continue to migrate through the clay. For best results use FolkArt Outdoor Apple Barrel Acrylics FolkArt Acrylics or one of our multi-surface paints when painting terra cotta pots.

Most clay pots found in stores are unglazed and porousmeaning they are not waterproof. PaintI used DecoArt Satin Enamels Paint in Classic Black. When the moisture gets to the waterproof barrier of the paint it will bubble then peal.

Paint pyramids or something else to set the pot up on while paintingyoull see why. Chalk paint is fun and not just for kids. Marianne clay is porous.

I love how that rhymes. You can use latex wall paint or acrylic art paint in a tube. Grime and mold can also take hold on a plastic plant pot and make it even less attractive.

Paint brushyou dont need to be too picky about quality if youre using a good paint that self-levels out a bit as it dries. For this project Ill be painting terracotta pots with acrylic craft paint. Unglazed or unsealed terra cotta will draw moisture away from the plant and soil keeping the pot moist which in turn may affect the external decoration by causing the paint.

Its water based so if you make a mistake before it dries you can just wipe or rinse it off. DecoArts Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics and Patio Paint Outdoor Weather-Resistant Acrylics are excellent choices. Here are some ideas.

Article Summary X. Latex paint also comes in a spray form which makes it possible to give your pot several coats more quickly. Art Supply Metallic Acrylic Paint Jar Set.

Note that if you use this paint you will also want to seal the pot inside and out so that the moisture wont cause the paint. These paints can also be used for indoor pots they just have extra durability for outdoor use and do not require a varnish like the indoor matte acrylics do. Typically if youre working with clay or Terracotta pieces this is a good type of paint to use but if you want something that does end up drying faster then you should consider trying to find some ceramic paint.

Plant pots usually come in pale greens and earthen browns and can be aesthetically unappealing. So go with the type of paint you prefer to use or use. I think Americana is the best acylic for this.

The Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint is a high-quality paint that you can use to give your terracotta clay pots a nice makeover. A bunch of empty Pringles cans to use as stands totally optional but super helpful. Painted Dots Clay Pots.

Luckily its very easy to clean and paint plastic plant pots. To give the painted design an extra layer of protection apply a coat of FolkArt Outdoor Sealer after 48 hours when the paint has completely cured.

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