What Paint To Use On Real Pumpkins

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Remove pumpkins and let them air dry. Grab some green acrylic paint and a small paintbrush.

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What paint to use on real pumpkins. Choose any color blues are my favorite. Maybe a black cat. Spray Paint This was hands down my favorite way to paint a pumpkin.

Do not press too hard just enough to see it on your pumpkins. Real white pumpkins have a little bit of warm undertones. It is so easy to doI use chalk paint.

Acrylics dry quickly and cover fairly well suitable for painting small areas or large sections of the pumpkin. Paint the whole pumpkin green with black hair. I tested out 3 different types and heres my preferences.

Start by painting all the pumpkins with Chalk Paint use gray white green and blue paint Allow the pumpkins to dry. Paint only one half of the pumpkin then let dry. After the pumpkin dried I waxed with the Waverly liquid white wax to give them a more realistic look.

Working quickly dip a wider brush in a little water and brush over the green stripes. I like to hold them by their stems to paint them. The links attached are not the exact paints but close.

Painting Realistic White Pumpkins. Buffalo Check Pumpkin positivelysplendid. Make sure to work in a warm dry environment.

I also used a paint wax to give the pumpkins a little bit of realness to their skins. Inside a kitchen craft room or garage is fine. You CAN paint real pumpkins using chalk acrylic or latex paint.

I used a Provence blue and highlighted with off white chalk paint. I was able to find orange Jack-Be-Littles so painted them white using Folk Arts Vintage White acrylic paint. One of the easiest and prettiest ways to decorate your pumpkins without breaking out the knives is painting them with a chalky finish paint.

Paint colors can be. First using your chip brush paint a coat of the antique white paint and allow to dry. I was worried that it would be difficult to decorate a spray painted pumpkin with markers.

I am always looking for a fun pumpkin painting idea because like to do something different every year. For the finishing touch use a couple pieces of twine to tie a bow around the stem. Painting the Pumpkin Second once dry using the antique paint use a stippling motion to add texture to the pumpkin also using the antique white paint.

When painting the entire pumpkin use one hand to hold the stem. So I wanted to create that realistic look. Pro Tips for Painting Pumpkins.

Its really quick and goes on so evenly. Lay a towel or better yet parchment paper underneath the pumpkins. If its just adults acrylic or spray paint are the best paints for pumpkins as they wont crack and puff paint can be used for certain detailed painting such as creating a lacy effect.

Metallic Acrylic Paint I used Folk Art Metallic Sterling Silver and Folk Art Metallic Gold. But I do know that my faux painted pumpkins will last year to year. Paint little stripes of green paint down the sides of the pumpkin.

I wanted Baby Boo pumpkins for my fall home tour and at the time they were nowhere to be found. Oh and I killed the hairdryer. Use a latex primer.

I originally laid a towel under the pumpkins but later used parchment paper so when I had to lay the pumpkin on its side to paint the bottom the paint on the pumpkin would not stick to the counter top and rub off. Yep you guessed itpaint the whole pumpkin black and use yellow for his eyes. My house was warm and fan going when I was painting.

While you can use acrylic or spray paint we prefer the matte coverage that a chalky finish paint providesplus its super versatile and can be used to create a variety of different techniques and finishes. Spray the pumpkins and wait for them to dry. Let the paint dry in between coats.

Using a paintbrush paint two coats of pure white paint to completely cover the pumpkins. Plastic pumpkins You could use real pumpkins too Spray paint I used Krylon Matte White and Krylon Gray Primer. I only needed one coat of black spray paint to get the job done.

All you need to paint a pumpkin is. I remember one year melting about a hundred crayons on a pumpkin with my hairdryer. This year I was thinking about how we could try to do a paint pouring on pumpkins.

I am not sure how long real pumpkins last with their various unusual colors. Oh and by the way remember to pick a. Frankly any white or gray paint would work well just be sure to get a matte finish if you want them to look similar to mine.

If desired print out images to cut out and trace on the pumpkin before painting. For real pumpkins you can always use a white pencil to see it better. Use regular artists brushes or inexpensive craft brushes to paint the pumpkins.

But what type to choose. Using the stencil brush paint a mixture of grey and white on one of the pumpkins. You can find Waverly paint and wax at Walmart.

It helps to look up some pictures of real pumpkins to refer to. Paint the pumpkin two coats if needed. Use orange yellow and white craft paint to make candy corn painted pumpkins.

Come back later and paint the other half.

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