What Paint To Use On Sculpey Clay

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You can use a Wax Acrylic Sealer Varnish or Liquid Epoxy. Another type of paint effect commonly used on polymer clay are dots and filigree or swirls used to apply a decorative accent.

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If you plan to seal the piece with Sculpey Glaze you can use any paint.

What paint to use on sculpey clay. I prefer acrylic paints and in many cases heavy body acrylic paints but any type of acrylic paint is safe to use directly on polymer clay. Your choice will depend on the type of project you are working on and what effect youd like to achieve. You can get an acrylic sealer spray and simply spray your sculpture with a thin layer of the sealer to protect your project from any scratches sunlight or water.

Wait two hours before adding a second coat. I generally recommend using acrylic paints or other waterbased paints. If you want to paint your polymer clay and seal the paint then I would highly recommend to use acrylic paint and Seal it with an Acrylic Sealer.

Mix it up put it in a ziploc sandwich bag and leave it alone for a few days. Make sure to use water-based varnishes that are clay compatible like the Sculpey Glaze and Minwax Polyurethane. The short answer is it depends.

When using acrylics on a piece after baking I like to heat set my acrylics by rebaking. If acrylic paint doesnt stick to your polymer clay then simply prepare the surface by rubbing it gently with rubbing alcohol. The most common paint used on polymer clay when painting is desired is acrylic paint.

You can also use mineral oil baby oil Sculpey Clay Softener or Fimo Quick. The short answer is any waterbased paint will be fine but acrylic paint is the easiest and best paint for polymer clay. Thank you so much for this article.

This is also where you would use a white dot to create a highlight in an eye to make it look more realistic. You can use acrylic paints before baking OR after baking your clay. Its also one thats safe for use directly on polymer clay.

How do you make polymer clay softer. Paint the Sculpey Clay with a water-based acrylic paint. How To Soften Polymer Clay By Adding PlasticizersThe best option is to add a few drops of translucent liquid polymer clay.

Enamels latex or spray paints can also be used and they dont have to be sealed afterward. It comes in various grades with the artist quality grades being best eg more pigment so cove. I used Minwax Polyurethane to coat the surface.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of using Mod Podge to seal my paint on many of my sculptures. Keep swirling the bi-cone in large circles to make the clay colors swirl around each other. I could have used liquid Sculpey here as well but since thats a little thicker its more difficult to coat a textured surface like this.

Apply very thin coats to prevent ugly brush marks from showing on the clays finish. If you want a smooth finish then use sandpaper and wax to seal your Polymer Clay and if you painted your clay then you should seal it with an Acrylic Sealer or Varnish. I think the best method in painting with oils is to seal it first with Testors Dullcote.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Polymer Clay. Then add some Sculpey Clay Softener mineral or baby oil or liquid polymer clay to it. Dont handle the finished oven-baked clay for at least two hours.

Waterbased paint has to be sealed after they have dried however. Ive been tinkering with polymer clay for a couple of years. I prefer to use Super Sculpey and paint my sculptures with acrylics after theyre baked.

When its time to bake your project we recommend using water-based acrylic paints and testing a small piece of the clay first to check the interaction between the paint and the clay. In short the best paints for air dry clay are waterbased paints like acrylic paints or tempera. Always test your paint with the clay brand that youre using.

Fimo is known for having a lot of paint incompatibility whereas Sculpey III can often work better. Most acrylic paints work very well for painting the surface of polymer clay but some of them do get remain a bit sticky. Im not really familiar with sealing them although I hear thats the way Oils just take longer to dry thats all.

You can paint Super Sculpey with acrylics or oils. When you are happy with the swirling reduce the size of the circle you are swirling with the plate and the bi-cone will turn into a lentil shape – a perfectly formed circle with slightly beveled sides.

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