What Type Of Paint To Use On A Beehive

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White is an extremely common color to paint a hive whereas black is far less common and for one very important reason. In this video I show you how I paint and stain my beehive so it will last a very long time.

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The new hive I bought and the new hive I recently built are finished with oil base primer then oil base paint.

What type of paint to use on a beehive. Unless you purchased cypress wooden-ware your wooden ware will be made of pine. I ended up stripping it and completely refinishing it. 682012 Most paints even the low VOC types contain all kinds of nasty things that you dont want your bees to eat.

No matter what factor you decide is most important to you be sure you are choosing paint that will not harm your bees. 12192019 Beehives are usually made of wood and contain honeycomb. I first stain my beehive with a minwax stain to give it a nice n.

As you can see in the photo below I painted some entrance reducers not good and the bees chewed both paint and wood when they tried to make a larger opening. 12182014 co Essex County Beekeepers Satin paint so it doesnt attract as much dirt as a rougher paint and low-chemical paint ie. In general look for water-based latex paints rated for exterior use with low levels of VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

This type of wood is inherently durable because it contains natural oils and resists the weather extremely well. Painting beehives helps increase the woods longevity. Color does matter when looking at how to paint a beehive.

Dont forget to paint the rear access latch and windows. Paint helps protect wooden hive parts from the rain snow sun and other weather elements. If youre lucky enough to have a beehive made from red cedar then it doesnt need to be painted.

Choosing the right color for your climate should be the priority for your bees welfare. Before painting you hive you will need to coat the hive in an exterior primer first before putting on the final coat of paint. If you live in a particularly warm area youll want to avoid darker colors.

1142021 However the major reason that most people paint a beehive is wood preservation. Combined with the propolisthe bees stick in there. In the south where hive temperature regulation in the warmer months is an issue go white or a light pastel.

VOCs are chemicals that evaporate out of the paint as it dries and cures a process called off-gassing. With the lowest levels of volatile organic compounds possible are also recommended. 6152020 We recommend using a nonlow-toxic exterior-grade paint for the health of your bees.

Black attracts heat and for those beekeepers who live in warm climates painting a hive black may endanger your bees because it can cause the hive to overheat and therefore harm the bees inside. White is contrarily a safe bet. Make sure to paint a minimum of two coats to ensure your hive is properly weatherproof.

Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly between applications as per the instructions provided by the paint company. First of all its a lot of extra work. Secondly latex paint loves to stick to itself especially if you happen to strap the hive together with a ratcheting tie-down.

A natural finish often used to season butcher blocks and cutting boards pure tung oil contains no solvents or chemicals and absorbs into the wood to form a waterproof seal. A coat of paint is a small price to pay to extend the life of your equipment. 11102019 Most beehives are made out of pine as its the most cost-effective and malleable material.

So weve got a bit of planning to do in terms of which paints we use and what designs might be best. Leaving no residues and the beehive clean sterile and ready for use. The best wood for beehives are pine cedar or fir.

Oil base paints just seem to last much longer. 232020 For increased water resistance you can apply Pure Tung Oil over Real Milk Paint to significantly protect the beehive exteriors. All light colors will serve the same purpose.

The outside of the beehive can be painted any color the beekeeper wishes as long as the paint is low VOC. The downsides of this practice are many. Your beehive may not be able to withstand the harsh summers and brutal winters.

While many opt to go for semi-gloss paints because it is. Most commercial beekeepers paint their beehives white. Indeed it may be a bad idea to paint red cedar since the natural oils can react adversely to paint.

Even the low VOC paints off-gas for a long time. However pine isnt as durable as other woods such as cypress or red cedar. Conversely a wooden hive needs to be scorched to a depth of 3mm which is extremely difficult and time consuming to achieve particularly in the corners and joints where spores can remain deep within the dovetails.

I love the way pine wood smells but it does not hold up long term when exposed to the weather. 852002 The first hive I bought was painted with exterior latex about 2 years ago and it was already showing signs of peeling and wear. Its imperative to protect the beehive from the deteriorating elements elements like rain in the gloom of night storm and extreme weather conditions all these can take its toll on your beehive colony.

Its simple and allows the reflection of light and heat which aids to keep the interior of the hive cool. Your color choice is largely dictated by your climate. I recommend an oil based exterior primer for better weather protection but any type of exterior house primer will work.

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