Whats The Difference Between Indoor And Exterior Paint

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Interior paint is made to be scrubbed resist staining and allow cleaning. Exterior paints are made to combat against fading and mildew.

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The real difference between them is found in the additives and the resin.

Whats the difference between indoor and exterior paint. All paint is made of the same four basic ingredients. This is the most common type of interior paint and its also referred to as latex paint. The main difference between interior and exterior paint is the chemical compounds at its core.

Both are high density low shine and easy to apply. There isnt usually much of a practical difference between flat and matte. Like interior paints exterior paints come in different finishes from gloss to matte.

Generally there is a difference between the two. Some manufacturers sell this sort of finish under the matte name. Solvent resin additives and pigments.

An exterior paintprimer is more flexible when dry. Different paints have different properties and are formulated for different purposes. The lack of certain environment-specific additives gives interior paints a disadvantage when used on external surfaces and the difference between interior and exterior-formulated paints doesnt end there.

Exterior paints have to withstand sun and weather conditions without peeling. One of the most important differences though is their relative level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. See the differences between lines of Behr Interior Paint products so you can choose the right paint for your next interior painting project.

You can expect to pay between 150 to 300 to paint the ceiling in a standard 10 by 12-foot room. Interior latex paints stand up better to abuse such as cleaning scrubbing and staining as they are. Differences begin to emerge when you look at paints other three basic components too.

Paints with higher levels of VOCs are reserved exclusively for use outdoors. The origin of enamel paint was in the 1800s when the paints were less reliable and whitewash paints were known to smudge off. Personally I swear by using an oil-based enamel since oil-based paint is naturally durable in the first place.

Well talk more about the differences between the two shortly. Flat paints are the easiest to apply but they do not withstand as much cleaning. Whereas interior paints must resist abrasion.

Whats the difference between interior and exterior paint. Send Page by Email Email this page to your family and friends. Theres not much difference between interior paint and exterior paint anymore said Orlando Jorge spokesman for Tower Paint Manufacturing Co.

Youll find that you have a choice of water-based latex or oil-based ceiling paint as well. There are a number of benefits associated with this widely used paint type. Enamel at that time was known as vitreous shell surface of porcelain and ceramic tiles which were impermeable sanitary and very tough.

Exterior paint may also contain more pigment. Indoor paints are designed to withstand scrubbing and cleaning whereas exterior paint is designed to be waterproof fight sun mold and mildew. Though interior and exterior paints look similar their chemical properties are vastly different as exterior paint shave to withstand harsh weather conditions Heat and snow can cause the exteriors to expand and contract requiring flexion in the paint.

When starting a painting project its important to know the differences between the two and choose the right paint. Whereas high gloss paints are generally harder to apply but can be cleaned more aggressively. Pigment binders and liquids.

Interior and exterior latex paint have different chemical properties but they do not differ all that much. In fact approximately 80 percent of paints sold for residential use are water-based. The reason for this is so that it can stand up to changes in climate temperature rain etc.

Interior and exterior paints have similar solvents and pigments though some pigments fade faster than others and so are more commonly used in interior formulations. Interior latex paint is used exclusively for indoor applications while exterior latex paint is used solely for outdoor applications. Enamel paint usually comes in the form of exterior paint and high-temp paint as well as some indoor paints aimed at surfaces that see a lot of abuse like kitchen cabinets or furniture.

Paint with a matte finish. This was a time when calling a product enamel paint was a powerful marketing move. What is the difference between Interior and Exterior Paint.

Although indoor and outdoor paints may look similar on occasion you can see there are important differences. Interior and exterior paints have similar solvents and pigments though exterior paint may contain more pigment. What About Wall Paint.

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