Why Jackson Pollock's Style Of Painting

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Jackson Pollock is the most celebrated artist of this form. Pollocks drip paintings demand that the viewer surrender intellectual control while freely empathizing with the energetic colour and movement.

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He painted with forceful rapid impulsive brush strokes or by splashing the paint directly onto the canvas.

Why jackson pollock's style of painting. Jackson Pollock became famous for his drip technique or action painting style wherein the artist pours paint over the canvas creating abstract art from gestural movements. Pollocks signature style involved laying a canvas on the floor and pouring paint onto it in continuous curving streams. Born in Wyoming Pollock was the youngest of five sons his father was a farmer and land surveyor and his mother was a weaver.

Pollock himself was uninterested in labels or definitions. This made him a figure in the abstract expressionist movement which focuses on viewing art by the process endured to create it rather than by the final product. Rather than pouring straight from the can he applied paint from a stick or a trowel waving his hand back and forth above the canvas and adjusting the height and angle of the trowel to make the stream of paint wider or thinner.

Pollock ushered in the abstract expressionist form with the genesis of a dramatic new style of painting which has been given such names as drip painting. What makes his style so unique is that he placed a large canvas on the floor instead of using the traditional easel. Pollocks greatness lies in developing one of the most radical abstract styles in the history of modern art detaching line from color redefining the categories of drawing and painting and finding new means to describe pictorial space.

This is because of the originality and innovation of his work. Who was Jackson Pollock. One should not look for Pollock explained but look passively – and try to receive what the painting has to offer.

Pollock is an artist who is seen as the prime mover and innovator behind a new American style of art Abstract Expressionism that blossomed in this county in the aftermath of our nations defeat of the Axis powers. Biography of Jackson Pollock. Action painting is a form of abstract expressionism.

He simply wanted to authentically and freely express his emotions. Jackson was one very important artist who helped shape the essence of contemporary art throughout the post war era in America. Dripping would have created droplets across his painting whereas Pollock preferred continuous streams of paint across the canvas.

Certainly Pollocks abstract expressionist style of painting broke many conventions and was heavily influenced by cubism and surrealism. The originality and uniqueness of Jacksons work is just evident in the texture such as use of canvas color nature and meaning of his paintings. Jackson Pollock 1912-1956 was an American painter and a key figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement most famous for his drip technique which he used to create his action paintings.

Jackson Pollock is an innovative painter whose artistic works are presented in an expressionist manner. His paintings are always saturated with splashes of unexpected colors that swallow the viewers attention and make them go deeper into their observations.

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